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Travelers Can’t Get Enough Of Los Cabos, Here’s Why They Keep Coming Back

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Los Cabos has become one of the favorite destinations for not only American travelers but travelers from across the globe. It’s not just one of those destinations that are a once-in-a-lifetime trip. In fact, many visitors keep coming back. According to data published by the local tourism board, around 30% of the tourists that visited Los Cabos in July had done so before. So, why do travelers keep coming back to the region? 

Many Tourists On A Whale Watching Boat Los Cabos

High-End All-Inclusive Resorts  

One of the reasons why people like coming to Los Cabos is the chance to book a trip to an inclusive resort that literally takes care of everything for you. Throughout the COVID pandemic, many people found Los Cabos to be a haven, thanks to lax COVID protocols in place in Mexico at the time.

Pool Area At High End Cabo Resort, Los Cabos

Also, the fact that multiple resorts started offering all sorts of on-property experiences helped make a Los Cabos trip a unique experience in itself. Currently, many of the world’s top hotel brands are building premium resorts in the region. Most of which will offer all-inclusive deals to guests.

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Unique Experiences You Can Have In Cabo

Fair Weather All Year Round 

Another one of the benefits that Los Cabos offers to guests is actually a gift from mother nature to the region. Tourists can expect decent weather even in what are typically cold weather months in other parts of the world. For example, in November and December, average highs in Los Cabos are around 87 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit, with the lows hitting 68 and 62 degrees. Compare that to the weather in the LA area within the same months, which has average highs of 73 and 68 degrees and lows of 53 and 49 degrees. And that’s Los Angeles! For most tourists coming from up north, the Cabo weather, particularly throughout the typically chillier months, is spectacular. 

Adults at a resort los cabos

Los Cabos Is Considered One Of The Safest Destinations In Mexico

Recently INEGI, the government agency in charge of Mexico’s census, released its quarterly ranking of the safest cities in Mexico. The ranking is based on polls that officials conduct on the streets of Mexican cities to try and quantify the “perception of safety” within a city. Los Cabos was ranked as the third-safest city in Mexico by its own citizens. Tourists seem to agree, the number of police reports initiated by tourists has been on the decline this year. These two stats help quantify the sense of safety that locals and tourists seem to feel in the region. 

Police officer checking beach vendor

Proximity & Easy Access From Main Cities In The US and Canada

A flight from Los Angeles to Los Cabos takes about two and a half hours. From the DFW airport to the airport in San Jose del Cabo, flights can take about 3 hours and some change. From the East Coast, a flight down to Los Cabos will be a bit longer, taking around 6 hours. In Canadian cities, we see more of the same, with Vancouver being around 4 and a half hours away and Toronto trips taking 5 and a half hours.

American Airlines Flight Leaving LAX

All things considered, these are not long flights to find yourself in a luxury beach destination with high-end amenities. All of the cities that we mentioned offer direct flight options to Los Cabos. The number of private airplanes landing in Los Cabos in 2021 grew by 200% last year alone. That’s another stat that seems to validate this claim.    

Private Plane At LAX

Los Cabos Has Clean Beaches

This may seem like it shouldn’t be a big drawing point for people. The problem is a lot of the beaches in the Caribbean have been having to deal with massive amounts of sargassum, which is foul-smelling seaweed that washes up on the shore. Cancun in Mexico has had some beaches literally overrun by the incredible amounts of seaweed that ends up on the beaches.

Worker Cleaning Beach

Los Cabos and the beaches in the Pacific don’t have that problem. Plus, local authorities have made it a point to ensure that local beaches remain clean. There are certainly more aspects that we can point to as reasons why travelers keep coming back to Los Cabos.

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