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Festivals Coming To Cabo This Spring and Summer

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One of the popular traditions of the Los Cabos area that’s largely been halted by the pandemic, will return. In 2022, tourists and locals alike will see a return of festivals marking the calendar throughout the spring and summer months.

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Festivals are an important part of the atmosphere and tradition surrounding Los Cabos. Whether it be food and drink, classic cars, or even book festivals, they serve an important purpose to share the local culture with tourists from around the world.

What festivals to look forward to and when?

There are numerous festivals coming up this spring and summer, but a few to look forward to are the gastronomic festival, called “Sabores de Baja on April 3rd. Also, the 8th edition of the “Cheese and Wine festival” on March 12th, 2022. There will also be an exhibition of classic cars as well.

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Sabores de Baja

This festival is a go to for any foodie around the Los Cabos area. You can share in Los Cabos culture by trying the most local food, spices, and drinks that come from Baja Sur. The festival is put on to help local restaurants showcase their specialties, while also helping them recover from the pandemic. The festival will take place inside the Dona Pame restaurant.

The event will have more than a dozen sponsors helping out. There will be international brands to restaurants, all showcasing local dishes and cuisine, along with traditional music and dance as well. This festival will take place on April 3rd, 2022.

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Cheese and Wine Festival

On March 12th, you will be able to take part in the Cheese and Wine festival. This takes place at the Hacienda del mar Los Cabos. Here you will be able to taste some of the most prestigious wines around Mexico, as well as international wines.

There will also be more than 100 types of regional, national, and international cheeses. This festival helps with proceeds to the Los Cabos Childrens Foundation. This foundation helps improve the quality of life for the children of Baja California Sur.

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Exhibition of Classic Cars

If classic cars are more your thing, then you’re in luck! The classic cars exhibit is part of the “Traditional Festivals of San Jose de Cabo 2022”. You can get a glimpse of the past while glancing over restored classic cars. Numerous cars of various categories and models will participate.

The motto of this classic car showcase is “To rescue them is to make history”. Feel free to take pictures with the restored models. This event that is family friendly and free, goes through Friday, March 18th. The demonstration will take place on Copa Mexico 70th street, next to the baseball field in the Rodrigo Aragon Cesena sports unit.

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Why are festivals opening now?

There is never a shortage of things to do when in Los Cabos, but festivals have always been proud traditions for the area to show off entertainment and culture. When Covid 19 hit, like everything else around the world, local festivals had to pause their events for the foreseeable future.

Health authorities in Los Cabos are taking steps to return to normal. Due to cases of Covid 19 dropping in the area, more festivals are free to welcome back their guests.

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Heart of tourism season

The festivals taking place coincide with the heart of tourism season for the Los Cabos area. Typically, Los Cabos will see its peak tourism season from mid-December until the end of April. 

Pairing these festivals around the peak of tourism, helps showcase local vendors, restaurants, and charitable foundations to an even larger audience.

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