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Tourist Attacked By Bull On Los Cabos Beach, Do Travelers Need To Worry?

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A day in the sun, sand and surf at the beach in Los Cabos for some surprised tourists was more like an adventure in Pamplona, Spain.

That’s because they spent some of the time running with the bulls. Well, at least running from the bull.

And it’s not the first time this odd, yet dangerous, event occurred on the beaches of Los Cabos.

Black Bull on a Beach

Running From the Bull

The day at the beach with an angry bull most recently took place in the vicinity of Fortuna Beach on the East Cape of Los Cabos.

A tourist lounging on the beach was attacked by a bull after allegedly attempting to feed the bull and being warned not to do so.

Bulls are not a rare sight in La Fortuna, and residents know not to feed them or approach them and warn visitors not to do so.

She ended up getting up and off what looked like a towel, which the animal only saw as a sign to charge.

In the viral video posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, the tourist is seen several times being charged by the bull on the beach before falling to the sand as onlookers implore her to leave the bull alone and leave her belongings.

The bull continues to gore the woman lying in the sand before some others are able to distract the bull away from the woman.

The difficult video to watch ends with the bull turning away from the tourist while the woman continues to lie on the sand.

Ambulance in Mexico

Los Cabos Official Responds

In a published report about the incident, Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone Operational Coordinator in Los Cabos Víctor Manuel Torres García said that unfortunately the section of La Fortuna beach where the bull attack took place is normally unstaffed.

Workers cleaning a beach

He mentioned in the published report that he was familiar with the bull attack of a tourist a La Fortuna beach.

However, he had not heard about the condition of the tourist after the attack and mentioned this was the first incident of this type that he had to address in his role.

Torres Garcia mentioned that he was not surprised by the incident as the ranches are located close to the beaches in the area.

He added it is also very common to find the animals roaming the nearby road as well as seeing donkeys walking around the location of the beach.

Don’t Feed the Animals

Donkey on the beach in Baja California

Officials say the matter will be fully investigated by municipal officials and local law enforcement.

They will also consider additional measures to control the animals and protect travelers enjoying the sun, sand, and surf in Los Cabos. This was the second recent incident concerning an aggressive bull on the local tourist beaches.

The East Cape Near Los Cabos, Mexico

However, Torres Garcia said that it is common for tourists to feed the roaming animals, such as the donkeys, which is not advised.

Tips for Travelers

East Cape beach in Baja California Sur

Few tourists will ever come face-to-face with a charging bull, so it’s not surprising that people are not aware of what to do if it happens. Nor have we really had to worry about it.

However, local authorities advise staying away from these animals, especially when they are “bellowing” because they can become aggressive.

Try to get to the safety of a building, or even a vehicle, at the first opportunity. That was the mistake this tourist made, and hopefully, she doesn’t have any substantial long-lasting injuries from the attack.

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