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Here’s The Secret Spot Locals Claim Is The Best Place For Hiking Near Los Cabos

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Visitors looking to lace up their hiking boots and take to the trails around Los Cabos have plenty of great options.

Punta Lobos Sunset

Most of the trails lead to scenic overlooks with breathtaking views of not only Los Cabos but also the crystal blue sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean.

One of the most popular trails for tourists is the Cierro de la Zeta trail near Los Cabos, with its easy switchback climbs to the top of a small hill for amazing views.

But that’s not the best trail, according to those local hikers in the know. To find the secret getaway trail that is considered by many the best in all of Baja California Sur, hikers need to take a day trip from Los Cabos or La Paz to this secret location.

Hiking With The Wolves

According to hikers that have taken to kilometers of desert and mountain trails all over Baja California Sur, there is no better hike than Punta Lobos, also known as Wolves Point in English.

Boat at Punta Lobos

The name alone may scare off some less seasoned hikers, but tourists should not let the wolf connection discourage them.

Located about 90 kilometers, or about 56 miles, from La Paz, Punta Lobos near Todos Santos is a secluded bluff overlooking a beach with turquoise blue waters. From Los Cabos, it is even closer at 75 kilometers, but it takes about the same driving time.

The entire 5.3-kilometer (or about 3.3 miles) hike is an easy ascent up a small hill that only takes about an hour to hike. But it’s well worth the hour for the amazing views.

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Pelicans on rocks at Punta Lobos

The View From The Top

Before getting to the top, the amount of wildlife is amazing everywhere tourists look. Birds are everywhere, and it seems like small animals escort hikers to the top.

While the trail gets about 200 hikers every day, it still seems quiet and peaceful, making the three-mile hike a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

At the top, visitors get to enjoy the amazing scenery and views of Baja California Sur from every angle. Many hikers consider Punta Lobos where the sky meets the sea.

Backpack hiker on cliff over ocean

Visitors may even catch surfers down below in the cove, peacefully waiting for the perfect wave to ride to the beach.

There are also parts of the hike that could be dog friendly. However, for the safety of everyone on the trail, it is recommended that pets should be on their leash at all times.

There are two trailheads located at the Punta Lobos site. The first is called Mirador Punta Lobos, which is the viewpoint. The second is called the Sugar Port Trail Trailhead, and it’s a little more inland.

man surfing in a wave

An additional trail, Puerto Viejo, is also nearby. However, it does not have the same views as those from the Punta Lobos trail.

The Secret is Out

Not only are locals finding out about the popular hiking spot just a day trip from Los Cabos. Tourists are also promoting the secret location by posting pictures of Punta Lobos and the trail on popular social media sites.

Todos Santos

Tourists from other parts of Mexico, along with those from the United States and Europe, have been some of the hikers sharing pictures and details about the amazing hike with social media followers all over the world.

Despite much of the attention, it’s still considered a secret location for outdoor enthusiasts due to the distance from Los Cabos and La Paz.

However, now that the word is out and the secret is exposed, more visitors may actually make the journey to enjoy the dramatic scenery and views at Punta Lobos. Be sure to get there before the crowds start taking over the hike.

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