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This Surprising Accommodation Option Is Growing Popular In Los Cabos

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The rush is on! The peak fall and winter holiday travel season is here in Los Cabos and travelers from all over the world are arriving to enjoy a beach vacation getaway in one of the premier resort destinations in all of Mexico.

According to the latest numbers from the local Association of Timeshare Developers, more and more of those travelers are spending their Los Cabos vacation staying in a timeshare resort property.

Tourists Choosing Timeshares

Timeshare property in Los Cabos

The Los Cabos Association of Timeshare Developers recently reported that visitors to the beach resort destination are increasingly likely to stay in a timeshare property during their vacation getaway as the accommodation option increases in popularity.

Francisco Javier Olivares, president of the local Association of Timeshare Developers, reported at a local event that about 15 percent of all visitors who arrive in Los Cabos for vacation will stay in a timeshare property.

He said that was due to the increased awareness provided to tourists about the option by the Los Cabos Tourism Trust in promoting travel to the local area. Last year, there were 31 partners and more than 8,000 keys participating in the timeshare organization.

Luxury beachfront resorts in Los Cabos

Their research also showed that the average visitor staying at a timeshare resort in Los Cabos spent an average of $1500 during their vacation stay.

Growing in Popularity

The reason timeshares are growing in popularity probably has much to do with tourists loving Los Cabos and wanting a place with stable rates to stay in the face of accelerating prices for resort room nights.

Luxury resort in Los Cabos

As Los Cabos attracts more and more travelers, the number of resort and hotel rooms at the beach resort destination has not been able to keep up with the demand for rooms.

Because of this, hotel room prices have been accelerating in Los Cabos. Recent room rates for the current peak fall and winter holiday travel season have been from $400 to $500 per night.

When weighing the expensive rates for resort and hotel rooms, travelers who love Los Cabos and enjoy spending multiple vacation getaways in the area have made the decision it is cheaper to own a timeshare rather than pay the nightly room rates.

Tourists shopping at the Los Cabos marina

Resort Style Amenities

As Los Cabos attracts more luxury-oriented travelers, visitors will have more income available to choose from and select a timeshare ownership property option in the beach resort destination.

Many of the timeshares in Los Cabos can be classified as having resort-style amenities and as those appeal to the new luxury tourist market.

Luxury All-Inclusive Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

With upscale pools, spas, and dining options, they closely connect with the desired amenities preferred by the luxury travel segment which explains the increased interest in timeshare properties among travelers to Los Cabos.

What Travelers Need to Know

As Los Cabos grows in popularity, with a record number of visitors expected this year, tourists may be more inclined to own a timeshare property in Los Cabos to lock in a place to stay during their vacation getaway.

Tourists on a beach in Los Cabos

However, travelers need to be careful to understand the legal contract for the purchase and the fees associated with timeshare ownership in Los Cabos before committing to the purchase.

They should also consider how often they plan to stay in Los Cabos and whether or not the benefits may be transferable to other properties around the world.

For those who fit well with the timeshare lifestyle, the option could be a good choice to lock in a property and rate for a vacation stay in a market where room rates are increasing due to strong demand.

Especially in an area like Los Cabos, where it appears that the demand for resort and hotel rooms is not expected to slow anytime soon.

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