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Los Cabos Preparing Security Operation To Keep Tourists Safe As High Season Begins 

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One of Los Cabos’ busiest tourism seasons has begun, and officials in the vacation destination are getting ready for the arrival of thousands of visitors.   

During these busy times, security is typically ramped up to ensure tourist safety.   

It’s for this reason that Los Cabos is preparing a security operation to keep tourists safe as the high season gets underway.   

Military on the Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

When The Security Operation Will Begin And End 

Although the wintertime is in general busy throughout, the busiest time is through the holidays.   

It is during the weeks between Christmas festivities and the days after the new year that the vacation destination will host the most winter visitors.   

It’s no surprise then, that the biggest boost in security will coincide with that timeframe, so security presence will increase between December 22 and January 6.   

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Los Cabos In The Wintertime 

There’s a reason that so many people visit Los Cabos during the winter months, numerous reasons in fact, but one specifically draws thousands of tourists from the United States and Canada.   

The weather….  

Throughout the winter, Los Cabos remains warm enough to enjoy the beaches and outdoor activities, hovering around 80 degrees during the daytime, so it’s the perfect escape from cold weather.   

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Expected Occupancy This High Season 

Hotels in Los Cabos are already filling up quickly, and the high season is just beginning.   

Lilzzi Orci Fregoso, president of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, is predicting even more visitor arrivals as the Christmas holiday approaches.   

Hotel occupancy rates during this time period are predicted to reach as high as 90 percent or more. 

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Why Officials Increase Security During High Season 

The biggest reason for increasing security during the high season is the massive arrival of tourists.   

This huge influx of visitors can bring out petty criminals looking to prey on tourists.   

Additionally, crime often increases during the holiday season, no matter where you go, but more security officials can help reduce crime.   

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Who’s In Charge Of Security In Los Cabos 

Officials deploy security operatives from a number of different organizations.   

Municipal police, state police, and the National Guard, or federal police, all work together to keep the destination safe for tourists.   

The municipal police, who mainly deal with petty crime, and the National Guard, which guards popular tourist areas, are the officers that you’ll be most likely to see during your Los Cabos winter vacation.   

Military Walking on a Beach in Los Cabos, Mexico

How Safe Of A Vacation Destination Los Cabos Is 

It may seem alarming to see such an increase in security in Los Cabos during high season, but it is because of the commitment to security that it is such a safe vacation destination to visit.   

In fact, Los Cabos is one of the safest places to vacation in Mexico.   

Millions of tourists visit the destination every year, and frequent exit surveys given to tourists upon departure overwhelmingly confirm that tourists feel safe when visiting Los Cabos.   

Tourists Near Milky Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Tips For Staying Safe In Los Cabos This Winter 

Whether you visit Los Cabos, Cancun, or any other vacation destination in the world, there are safety precautions that you yourself should take to stay safe too.   

Protecting yourself and your belongings is easy if you follow a few simple tips.   

  1. Keep your important documents in a safe place. 
  1. Avoid being too flashy with expensive accessories. 
  1. Travel in groups if possible.   
  1. Don’t wander into unknown areas. 
  1. Don’t walk around alone at night.  

If you follow these five tips, paired with the already sufficient security in Los Cabos, you’re sure to have a safe vacation. 

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