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Los Cabos Among The Trendiest Destinations For Americans This Winter

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With December fast approaching, the impending cold weather is the perfect cue to start searching for warm-weather getaways.

The winter season is one of Americans’ favorite times to travel, as it’s a bulletproof excuse to go to the beach.

With so many amazing places within relatively close distance, some still stick out more than others.

view of cabo from resort

According to a new report, Los Cabos is among the top 3 trendiest destinations for Americans this winter.

Even as expensive as Los Cabos can be, travelers are forking over their hard-earned money to take the vacation of a lifetime.

Mo’ Money, Less Problems

The reality is Los Cabos is not typically for penny-pinchers. Sure, solo travelers make their way here from time to time and stay in a cushy hostel.

crashing waves in cabo

But, when talking about the ultimate vacation, you’re probably not bringing the whole crew along to sleep in bunk beds next to snoring, smelly strangers.

The ideal Cabo getaway is far different with world-class resorts, pristine beaches and top-notch amenities for all ages.

As popular as Mexico is for Americans, that’s why it ranked higher than any Mexican vacation spot: Cabo just fits the bill.

Travelers forget about the splurge that is made as soon as they step foot at their immaculate resort and see the stunning scenery Cabo has to offer.

resort in cabo

Those seeking pure bliss to alleviate the stressful 9-to-5 life back home always have Cabo on their mind, but perhaps no more than wintertime.

A Smashing Success

Los Cabos continues to smash tourism records this year, largely in part to American tourists. As winter begins to take full swing, that doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Quite the opposite, actually. This should be one of the busiest seasons as travelers escape to sunny beaches in Baja’s southernmost paradise.

aerial views of los cabos' scenery

Plus, who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas and/or New Year’s celebrating in one of the top luxury destinations on the planet?

Los Cabos offers so much to visitors year-round, but winter takes on a new personality with seasonal festivities.

A Festive, Yet Sunny, Getaway

Millions of travelers make their way to Los Cabos to spend their vacation days relaxing in the sunshine at a high-end resort or a gorgeous beach.

christmas in los cabos

That will still be the case this winter, but the holiday season can add even more flair to your Cabo itinerary.

In fact, it’s one of the most festive destinations in all of Mexico, even without the winter wonderland weather.

Chances are your resort will have holiday-themed events catered to guests throughout December, plus New Year’s celebrations in one of the best vacation spots for a night out.

Let’s Talk Cabo San Lucas

aerial view of downtown cabo san lucas

Sometimes, people tend to lump Los Cabos as if it is a singular destination, but that’s not the case. For someone who has never paid a visit, they may hear “Cabo” and have it all wrong.

Los Cabos is divided between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. While the ladder is a worthwhile place to experience, it’s Cabo San Lucas getting all the attention right now.

This side is one of the trendiest sunny destinations this winter, according to Chase Travel. Unless you’re the type to never step foot outside your resort, then it would be challenging to not venture out into the city life at least once on your trip.

cabo san lucas

Home to a variety of local shops, restaurants, lively bars, and obligatory tequila tastings, Cabo San Lucas is a fun way to spend your day in the sun away from the beach.

You can still access the water by hopping on one of the famous boat tours to go whale sighting or see the most famous natural attraction – The Arch.

Some of the top resorts in the region are found in Cabo San Lucas as well, but it’s worth getting out to explore downtown.

This is where all the action tends to happen, either at your resort or out seeing all the cool sights.

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