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This Popular Area In Los Cabos Is Ramping Up Security To Protect Tourists 

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Now that spring break has begun, tourists are beginning to arrive by the thousands in the destination, and while safety is always a focus, it is even more so during these busy times.   

Many of the springbreakers who visit Los Cabos will spend their time in Cabo San Lucas, which has a more party-oriented scene.   

Much of the activity in Cabo is concentrated in the marina area, so security is being ramped up in this popular area of Los Cabos to protect tourists.   

Security Patrolling the Marina Area of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Surveillance To Keep Tourists Safe 

Los Cabos authorities are taking the most important step to protect tourists by providing surveillance in the busiest tourist hotspots.   

Their purpose is twofold. First, security officials will be touring these areas to deter criminals from bothering tourists.   

They are also there to arrest criminals who commit crimes. 

Military Officers Patrolling a Beach in Los Cabos

Hotspots That’ll Be Monitored 

One of the biggest reasons Los Cabos is such a popular vacation destination is the warm weather and beautiful beaches, and the beaches will be filled with tourists during these weeks.   

The restaurants and bars in the marina and downtown areas of Cabo San Lucas are popular among the younger spring break crowd.   

It is in these areas that the surveillance will mainly be concentrated.   

Police Officer Monitoring a Cabo San Lucas Beach

Other Safety Measures Being Taken 

Patrolling tourist areas to provide surveillance is only part of the operation implemented to keep visitors safe during busy seasons like spring break.   

Security officials and hotel staff are meeting every week this month to address the destination’s security needs.   

There has also been a crackdown on illegal street vendors, and authorities are monitoring the roads to help prevent accidents.   

Police Patrolling a Street in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

The U.S. Travel Advisory  

You may have noticed that a general travel advisory for spring breakers visiting Mexico has been issued by the U.S.   

The advisory addresses precautions you should take when visiting certain parts of Mexico and suggests steps to take prior to leaving for your trip.   

Several Mexican vacation destinations are mentioned in the advisory, but Los Cabos is not one of them, which says a lot about its safety.   

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How Safe Is Los Cabos? 

Los Cabos is one of the safest vacation destinations in Mexico.   

Not only does the government report on the security level periodically throughout the year but travelers are surveyed on their feelings of safety too.   

In those surveys the majority of travelers say that they feel safe when visiting Los Cabos, and what better gauge of safety than how travelers feel when visiting a destination?   

@fletchermx Is Cabo Safe? Los Cabos is a very safe place to live and to travel to. #loscabos #realestate ♬ Paris – Else

The Busy Season Ahead 

Spring break is one of the busiest seasons in Los Cabos.  

It’s predicted that an estimated 30,000 or more tourists will visit Los Cabos over the next several weeks.   

The increase in visitors makes it even more important to address security, and Los Cabos seems to be ready for the influx of visitors.   

Busy Cabo Beach with vendors and people everywhere and Land's End in the background.

How To Make Your Los Cabos Vacation Even Safer 

With so many people in one place at one time, it’s important to consider ways that you can enhance your own safety, too.   

Following a few general safety rules can make all the difference.   

Among them are traveling in groups, being cautious of strangers, and always being aware of your surroundings.   

By taking your safety into your own hands, you’re even less likely to find yourself in a bad situation and more likely to have a safe and fun vacation.

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