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This National Marine Park Near Los Cabos Is Perfect For These Three Travel Trends

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As tourism evolves in Los Cabos, it is shifting from the beach-going party scene reputation of the old Los Cabos into adding a new, more eco-friendly, luxury-oriented upscale product for visitors.

According to Los Cabos Tourism Trust General Director Rodrigo Esponda Cascajare, the tourism industry is shifting its focus as well to meet the requests of the new type of visitor to Los Cabos.

Cabo Pulmo

In response, the tourism industry is working to complement three trends requested by visitors to Los Cabos – sustainability, well-being, and nature. Esponda Cascajare is spotlighting the nearby Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park day trip destination for having all three of the elements desired by the new Los Cabos tourist.


Sustainability is not only a trend among more luxury-oriented travelers around the world. It is also a generational shift of international visitors seeking an eco-friendlier adventure.

It started with the Millennial generation in the United States and is even more pronounced with travelers a generation younger.

According to the analysis of the Los Cabos Tourist Trust, travelers are actively seeking sustainable options when traveling to the area.

Hiking Trail with Sea Views at Cabo Pulmo National Park

Many people consider Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park as the aquarium of the world. It features protected coral reefs and even is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The protection leads to the long-term sustainability of the site as a balance between tourist and marine life.

Tourists to Cabo Pulmo find a number of ways to contribute to these sustainability actions, including using non-motorized kayaks to explore the area, low-impact snorkeling, and diving activities, along with solar-powered accommodations in the area.

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Divers In Cabo Pulmo Near Los Cabos


With its multitude of water activities, there are plenty of ways for tourists to use their bodies and mind to explore the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park.

Visitors to the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park comment about the peace and serenity of the area. Whether exploring on land or under the sea, there is a calming effect from visiting the area.

There are plenty of other options to explore well-being and wellness at Cabo Pulmo. Los Cabos tourists also find the area conducive to eating well, exploring their health, meditating, or even finding time to explore using their senses.

Tourists doing yoga on beach


Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is an amazing feast for the eyes when it comes to nature. Visitors can simply start by connecting with the estimated 20,000-year-old living coral reef. In fact, many believe it is the only hard coral reef in the entire Gulf of California.

Venturing out from the reef, tourists will encounter more than 30% of all of the known marine wildlife species in the Gulf of California in one area.

From sea turtles and fish to the largest collection of shark species, the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is a major place for Los Cabos travelers to connect to nature with an estimated 800 types of different sea creatures.

Diving With Sharks

Just the varieties of sharks alone are a thrilling adventure for tourists. Among the many species of sharks at Cabo Pulmo are hammerhead sharks, black-tip reef sharks, white-tip reef sharks, tiger sharks, and bull sharks.

Most of these species are not dangerous if simply observed and are just as curious about travelers as the travelers are about them.

The Los Cabos Tourism Trust Responds

view of a beach in BCS

The Los Cabos Tourism Trust is working to sustainably promote the well-being and nature aspects of Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park with a new specialized guide for tourism with guidelines for visits.

The Los Cabos Tourism Trust clearly understands the needs of the new tourist base and is working to find ways to strengthen the day-trip adventures available for visitors to Los Cabos.

Located an easy day trip about two-and-a-half hours from El Médano beach, it should soon be on the bucket-list of the new type of traveler coming to Los Cabos.

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