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This Charming City Near Los Cabos Is Clamping Down On Vendors To Protect Tourists

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Officials in La Paz continue to improve tourist service in the local tour industry by following up on the action to standardize tour rates for visitors by further clamping down on the unlicensed providers of tourist services in the community.

They recently enforced the requirements for boat tour providers on the La Paz Boardwalk to be registered and licensed or not provide their services to travelers on the popular beach walkway in the community.

People walking on the boardwalk in La Paz

Protecting Tourists

In order to be able to provide services to visitors on the La Paz Boardwalk, boat tour providers must guarantee that they have the proper permit to operate a tour boat for travelers, a maritime safety certificate and insurance to protect tourists.

They must have also completed an investigative review to make sure they are in compliance with all of the requirements to provide a safe boat tour for La Paz travelers.

Oceanfront Malecon Promenade in La Paz, Mexico

If not, the other providers have requested assistance from local authorities and the tourism police to enforce the safety standards.

Improving Traveler Perception

These efforts are in order to improve the perception of safety and security for travelers enjoying a vacation getaway boat tour when visiting La Paz.


In the past, travelers visiting Los Cabos and La Paz have complained of overly aggressive and deceptive boat tour providers peddling tours to tourists in the area. Some visitors on their beach resort vacation have even complained that they felt bullied to purchase a tour at often inflated prices.

The first action to improve travelers’ perception of boat tour operators was to standardize tour prices in La Paz. After ten years of negotiations, this finally came to fruition recently with the tour providers operating on the La Paz Boardwalk.

Now they are going after the unlicensed providers that may not have the proper safety documents in place to keep travelers safe on a boat tour adventure from La Paz.

View of iconic rock in La Paz

Boat Tour Popularity

The fact is that the history of La Paz is connected to the sea, and boat tours are a key driver of the economy in the capital of Baja California Sur.

From the popular excursions to Balandra Bay and Isla Espiritu Santo to the swimming with whale sharks adventure trip, boat tours are big business in La Paz. If a traveler has a bad experience with a provider or even gets injured on a tour, it will have a significant impact on the entire tour operator fleet.

Orcas swimming in the ocean near La Paz

The operators felt there was too much at stake with a potential risk to their business and livelihood and decided to take action to ensure the safety and security of travelers enjoying their boat tours on a beach vacation getaway to the area.

What This Means for Visitors

For travelers to Los Cabos and La Paz looking forward to a beach vacation adventure to Balandra Bay, Isla Espiritu Santo, or even a chance to swim with whale sharks, the gentle giants of the sea, these actions should help them feel more safe and secure when taking a boat tour in the area.

Divers swimming with a whale shark

The enforcement of making sure all of the needed documentation, including proper risk insurance, is in place before boarding a boat for a tour is a good step forward for everyone involved. Adding in the price transparency should help visitors to the area feel confident about enjoying one of the boat tours.

Boat tours are an important source of tourism for La Paz, and the tours are definitely an adventure of a lifetime for many travelers from all over the world. The added protections for tourists should only build confidence in the boat tour providers and increase the demand for their services.

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