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Police Presence Increased In Los Cabos Tourist Areas Following Recent Armed Robbery 

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Despite the fact that Los Cabos was recently rated as one of the safest cities in Mexico, some crime still does take place in the popular vacation destination, just like anywhere else.   

The most recent crime that may have been a little too close to tourist areas for comfort just took place on the evening of Friday, July 7th.   

The crime was the armed robbery of a local cafe, which has led to an increase in police presence in Los Cabos tourist areas.   

Police Officer Patrolling a Beach in Los Cabos

The Armed Robbery Incident 

Although nobody was injured, the armed robbery that took place at the Infusion Art Caffe surely caused quite a scare among those in the building at the time.   

The incident involved three armed individuals dressed in hoods who entered the restaurant and stole various items from people in the cafe and from the cafe itself.   

They made off with cash from the cafe’s register and watches, cell phones, and wallets from individuals present at the time.   

The Investigation 

As of the time of writing this, authorities are still investigating the armed robbery of the Infusion Art Caffe.   

The three individuals responsible for the robbery have so far not been apprehended or located.   

Very little information regarding the investigation has been released, but according to social media leaks, only two tables in the cafe were occupied.   

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Los Cabos Police Truck Monitoring the Area

Increased Police Presence 

Following the attack at the Infusion Art Caffe, police presence in popular tourist areas was immediately increased in order to protect tourists.   

The increase in police presence, according to reports, is mainly concentrated in the areas most popular among tourists in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.   

Popular tourist areas include the beaches, the marina areas, and around the hotels in the area.   

Los Cabos Police Patrolling the Streets of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Where The Incident Took Place 

The Infusion Art Caffe is located in the Tourist Corridor area of Cabo San Lucas.   

The Tourist Corridor, which is about 20 miles long, is the road that connects Cabo San Lucas with San Jose del Cabo.   

The Infusion Art Caffe, where the incident took place, is only a few miles outside of Cabo San Lucas’s busy marina area, but fortunately, nobody was hurt. 

Police Patrolling Cabo Beach

Crime In Busy Los Cabos Tourist Areas 

While no city is immune to crime, including Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, crimes in busy tourist areas of Los Cabos are rare.   

Typically, the bulk of what crime there is in the region takes place in the rougher neighborhoods in the area, which every major city or tourist destination has.   

When tourists are the victims of crimes committed in Los Cabos, they are usually petty crimes like pickpocketing. 

Municipal police in Mexico

Is Los Cabos Safe? 

A report released just a couple of weeks ago lists Los Cabos as the 4th safest city in Mexico out of a total of 75 cities that were ranked.   

Furthermore, when considering just the popular Mexican vacation destinations, Los Cabos is ranked the highest, even above places like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, which are also pretty safe.   

The ranking is, in part, based on survey answers from locals regarding the feeling of safety in the area, among other things, and apparently, locals feel pretty safe in Los Cabos.   

Police officer on beach patrol in Mexico

Infusion Art Caffe 

The Infusion Art Caffe is a small restaurant that not only serves coffee but a variety of food items as well.   

Their mission is to be a place “Where each person who enters comes out a little happier.”   

Hopefully, this incident will not put a stain on that philosophy, and tourists and locals will continue to visit for a little dose of happiness once authorities apprehend the criminals responsible for the attack.

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