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Partnership With Food Vendors Leads To Cleaner Beaches For Los Cabos Tourists

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For many visitors to Los Cabos, a vacation to the destination resort location in Mexico is all about the beach. As one of the main tourist draws to the town, it is definitely important to the entire community that the beach experience is as delightful as possible for tourists.

Los Cabos Beach

Recently, members of the local government held a special awareness day to connect with beachside businesses and street food vendors to make sure the playas are perfect before the busy spring and summer seasons.

Beach Beautification Outreach Effort

Members of the Municipal Coordination of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone of Los Cabos, also known as Zofemat, recently visited some of the most popular tourist beaches in the region. Along with surveying the beauty and safety of the beaches before the busy tourist season, they also spent time connecting with the local food and street vendors.

During the outreach effort, they discovered substantial issues that needed to be taken immediately to ensure a positive experience for tourists in the upcoming busy visitor season.

woman cooking food in los cabos

A major focus of the local officials was to develop a key strategic partnership with street and food vendors to eliminate the volume of trash being discarded on the beach.

High visitor seasons, such as special events and, of course, the high tourism seasons, traditionally result in a large amount of unsightly discarded waste produced by visitors. Much of this waste is simply tossed on the beach without concern, with creates a number of issues for the entire Los Cabos community.

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trash on the beach in los cabos

The Issue With Trash

First, the discarded waste on the beach is simply unattractive to visitors. A number of visitors have complained during special events and large visitor seasons that the amount of trash on the beach makes it unattractive to sunbathe and enjoy the numerous water sports available in Los Cabos. They have shared pictures on social media of the amount of trash, further ruining the overall image of the region as a beautiful beach resort.

Second, it is actually a health hazard. Discarded metal objects and even broken glass in the sand can cause injuries if stepped on. While it is always recommended to wear sandals or water shoes when on the beach, it is still possible to end up with a nasty cut from discarded trash that could become infected.

trash on the beach

Last, it is not healthy for the wildlife in the area. Many animals unknowingly try to consume the trash and choke or even get ensnarled in some of the plastic. Respect for the beach in Los Cabos also means respect for the marine environment and many of the very special creatures which call the Los Cabos beaches and Pacific Ocean home.

Not only is the impact of the litter limited to wildlife. There has also been a significant environmental impact on the general landscaping surrounding the beaches, including the plants, flowers, and trees.

seal with trash

Balancing Economic and Environmental Priorities

The outreach partnership with street vendors reflects an effort from the local government to focus on the long-term sustainability of the Los Cabos beaches in balance with the economic viability of the region to drive tourism.

Tourism is the main driver of the community, and without action taken to preserve it, Los Cabos and its residents will suffer.

Riu Hotel Los Cabos

The outreach event took place on the very popular tourist beach adjacent to the RIU hotel in Cabo San Lucas in advance of the busy upcoming peak spring and summer visitor seasons.

More than 25 street vendors participated in the field awareness interaction. They all pledged to inform tourists about the need to use trash cans and recycle bins in order to reduce waste and keep the beaches in Los Cabos pristine for all visitors.

woman cooking food

Local government officials plan to further develop this strategic partnership with street vendors by continuing their outreach efforts to more beaches in Los Cabos over the next few weeks as peak visitor season ramps up.

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Thursday 9th of March 2023

Cabo is flat out Beautiful, Mexico is flat out Beautiful! A place where the Air smells good , and keeping it like that must be something that everyone adheres to . Anyone that cannot conform to the Beautiful Nature of Mexico must not be allowed to mess it up like what happens in the US .

Juanita Sorense

Thursday 2nd of March 2023

How about more trash cans on the beaches? The ones that I see are always overflowing with trash!