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New Semi-Private Jet Service To Los Cabos From Dallas Announced For This Spring

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Want to fly to Los Cabos in style? Now travelers heading to this world-class destination from Dallas have the option of flying in a semi-private jet with ultra-lux seating and amenities. Aero, one of the up-and-coming luxury flight operators, is getting set to launch flights to Los Cabos from the Dallas Love Field airport in Texas, and travelers are going to love this incredible option.

All black private jet like the ones used by Aero

The Benefits Of Flying To Los Cabos Through This Service    

Besides the fact that passengers will have considerably more legroom on these flights than they would if they were flying coach in any of the airlines that make the trip from Dallas to Cabo, they will also enjoy a more comfortable boarding and landing experience. At Love Field in Dallas, travelers will be received at the private terminal within Dallas’ smaller airport option. This means that they’re not required to arrive at the airport with as much anticipation as you would for a regular international flight.

Perhaps the biggest benefit though is landing in the private terminal at the international airport in San Jose del Cabo. This means that passengers on these flights will have the luxury of going through immigration in a reserved area, allowing them to bypass any of the long lines that regular travelers may have to deal with on the day of their flight. Flights from Dallas Love Field to the Cabo international airport on this service are set to take 3 hours on the dot.

Los Cabos Service Start

The service will begin operating in April and has 3 flights scheduled, with their first flight out of Dallas being scheduled for Friday the 21st. There are only 3 other flights scheduled for April, but the planes will begin flying all Wednesdays and Fridays through the end of May.

For return trips, travelers will have to adapt to a diverse schedule. Throughout May, there are return flights available on most Mondays. However, there’s not necessarily a set schedule for these flights like you could find at conventional airlines. One-way trips from Love Field to the Airport in San Jose del Cabo start at 1000 dollars per person. Prices, though, are set to go up quickly as we move deeper into Spring and through the summer. 

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Why Prices Seem To Vary So Drastically On These Flights  

As previously stated, prices per seat on Aero planes from Dallas to Los Cabos and back are starting at 1000 dollars. That’s meant to be a special launch price for the route. It will likely only be available for the first flights in April and through mid-May. Most of the return flights that the service offers will go over that 1000-dollar mark.  

Dallas Love Field Airport Sign

There are a few reasons why prices tend to vary so drastically. Traveling within the peak of the spring break season or in the middle of the summer will see travelers pay higher prices. At the same time, the price per seat could vary depending on the type of aircraft that will be operating that particular flight.

Aero Fleet

Aero operates two types of private planes as part of its fleet. Their ERJ135 jets are able to seat a maximum of 16 passengers. With one seat on each side of the plane, leaving just the middle aisle for passengers and crew to walk through the aircraft. The seats are a little bit wider than what you can expect from first-class seats at most regular airlines. Flights on these types of jets tend to be somewhat cheaper because they can fit more passengers. 

The other jets they operate are Legacy 600 aircraft. The way that they have those planes outfitted allows them to seat only 13 people on those flights. With 2 seats on each side of the plane facing each other at the front of the aircraft. Then 4 seats in the middle, which are also facing each other. Finishing off with a “couch” that fits 3 people at the back of the plane with another 2 seats facing each other on the other side. 

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