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New Public Security Forces Added To Los Cabos To Keep Tourists Safe

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Los Cabos’ Preventive Municipal Police forces recently welcomed a total of 23 new members to improve tourists’ safety.

The main job of these policemen is to deter criminal acts and keep locals and tourists safe. 

New Public Security Forces Added To Los Cabos To Keep Tourists Safe

The new police members have developed a number of skills during their 972-hour course, including the seven basic competencies of police operation, according to the General Law of the National Public Security System.

These include police weapons and shooting, operation of radio communication equipment, police investigation, detention, physical conditioning, driving of police vehicles, transportation of people, use of force and legitimate defense, and knowledge of the Accusatory Criminal System.

Is Los Cabos’ police well-trained? 

Police cruiser Dodge Charger in the city street

On average, policemen in Mexico don’t have the best reputation among locals. In several areas of the country, members of the police are heavily distrusted, but luckily, Los Cabos seems to be an expectation. 

Policemen here enjoy a way better reputation. This is mainly due to the fact that this is one of the most touristic areas in Mexico, and local authorities throughout the years have made it one of their main priorities to maintain high safety levels throughout the municipality. 

Several initiatives are regularly put in place to make sure both locals and visitors alike can feel safe in Los Cabos and the surrounding areas. 

A 4k Aerial view of Cabo San Lucas located at the southern tip of the Baja Mexico

For instance, at the end of September, the Los Cabos government announced that all officers without a high school diploma would soon lose their positions in an attempt to further professionalize law enforcement officers. 

This was only one of the many measurements adopted by the local government. Recently, 27 million pesos were invested in the purchase of 28 new first responders and law enforcement vehicles to patrol Los Cabos’ streets. 

On top of this, during the 2023 summer, a total of 300 new policemen were hired to maintain high safety levels. Police forces in Los Cabos also enjoyed the addition of new four-legged officers to help find potential narcotics in popular tourist hotspots.

Blue flashing sirens of police car during the roadblock in the city

Last but not least, security cameras were placed in many areas of the municipality to deter acts of crime. 

Is Los Cabos safe?

Considering the incredibly high number of police officers in the municipality and the constant effort to improve people’s safety in the area, tourists wanting to travel to Los Cabos may now wonder whether the area is safe or if these measures have been put in place to deal with the high criminality rate. 

The truth is that report after report keeps confirming that the municipality of Los Cabos is one of the safest in the whole of Mexico. 

Police Cabo Vendor

For instance, according to recent data, violent crime in the municipality has experienced a significant drop and has now one of the lowest rates in the country. Not by chance, Baja California Sur registered its lowest rates since 2013. 

But this is not all. This state also does great when compared to the USA. About 80% of intentional homicides in the area have been resolved compared to the USA, which has a rate of only 52.3%. 

But the Los Cabos police are not only concerned about tourists’ and locals’ safety when it comes to crime. Authorities are also constantly working to keep tourists safe from other threats. 

For instance, local beaches are constantly monitored, and flags indicating the safety level of a particular area are always put in place so that tourists can know at all times whether they can swim in a certain beach or if they should head to the next location. 

View of Medano Beach From a Boat in the Water

The Los Cabos authorities have also shown incredible promptness in making sure tourists are protected from diseases caused by the contamination of food due to sewage water. 

This often happens during periods of intense rain, such as the one caused by Hurricane Norma, which recently hit Los Cabos. 

Policemen were incredibly quick in closing all street vendors’ businesses affected by this natural phenomenon, preventing locals and tourists from getting sick. 

police dogs in mexico square

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