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Nearly 200 Officers Deployed To Protect Tourists Near Los Cabos

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It’s not uncommon to believe the biggest cities are the capital of any particular place.

Los Cabos may be the biggest draw in Baja for tourism, but it’s the nearby coastal city of La Paz that holds the title of ‘Capital’ in Baja California Sur.

As such, it’s no surprise the increasingly popular city wants to showcase exciting cultural events to lure in travelers and provide locals with an economic boost and fun entertainment.

Tourists on the Malecon in La Paz, Mexico

Kicking off whale watching season is not the only allure this time of year for La Paz, just two hours from Los Cabos.

Among the biggest events is one you may find all across the world, but here in southern Baja, La Paz is the place to be to experience Carnaval.

Celebrating Carnaval In Baja

Travelers will find Carnaval celebrations across the globe with Brazil being the most sought-after destination.

carnival celebration in mexico

That doesn’t mean travelers won’t be able to find other cool locales to celebrate. Given Mexico’s Christian heritage, Mexico is a great place to enjoy Carnaval, which is thought to be derived from the phrase “carne vale”, essentially meaning “goodbye to meat”.

This is a reference to the window before Lent begins. Reports vary on the origination of Carnaval ranging from roots in Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil and even more nations dating back centuries.

The bottom line is the party hasn’t stopped, and we know Mexico knows how to party! The streets of La Paz are expected to be jam-packed with partygoers, dancers and even a parade this year.

beautiful cathedral in la paz

Safety Concerns

Parties can be a blast, but they can also easily get out of hand. While La Paz is generally considered a safe place to visit, when people come out to let loose, you just never know what shenanigans may occur at public gatherings.

La Paz has decided to implement safety measures in order to better protect tourists who decide to attend.

Not that there is any major threat, but southern Baja thrives on tourism and wants ensure they maintain the image of being a safe destination for vacationers.

mexico police officers

The city is deploying 177 police offers to beef up security presence throughout the area where festivities began February 8th and will last through February 13th.

Additionally, La Paz will also station agents from Unit of Attention to Victims of Gender Violence and installations of new security cameras to patrol remotely.

“The Preventive State Police will be located at different points of security and assistance that will be installed along the boardwalk, where it will have the support of the Unit of Attention to Victims of Gender Violence, who will be responsible for monitoring and attending to the safety of women and girls to avoid suffering any type of violence or, support in the detection of aggressors.”

Luis Alfredo Cancino Vicente, Head of the Corporation
colorful la paz sign

See Something, Say Something

Local authorities are urging anyone, both tourists or locals, to report any suspicious activity or dangerous occurrences to police.

There will be a heavy focus to curtail the mistreatment of minors and drunk drivers for this event, so it is advised to be responsible of your alcohol intake.

Uber and DiDi do both operate in La Paz. No need to end up on Locked Up Abroad, right?

With so many deployed officers, it should be rather easy to find police if needed. Or just like the States, you can simply dial 911 to reach an emergency dispatcher.

daytime view of la paz

What Else Is Happening In La Paz?

The La Paz Carnival is certainly the top attraction in the area this week, but that’s not the only reason to put this gorgeous city on your travel radar.

La Paz has held on to its authentic culture and laid-back lifestyle where tourists can indulge in phenomenal food and take in incredible sites.

New luxury hotels are opening as an alternative to get away from the packed Los Cabos resorts and beaches.

And who wouldn’t want to pay a visit to one of the top 10 beaches in the world? La Paz is home to the otherworldly Balandra Beach, a bucket-list destination just a couple of hours from Cabo.

balandra beach in la paz

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