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More Than 20 Los Cabos Beaches Now Have This Highly Prestigious Certification

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Once again, the beaches of Los Cabos are ranked as some of the best in the entire world.

That’s according to the very detailed audits performed by the Blue Flag international certification agency.

Blue Flag Audits Underway

The prestigious Blue Flag audits are underway in Los Cabos with a total of 22 of 25 previously honored beaches recertified so far for another rating period.

Blue Flag posted on Los Cabos beach

Los Cabos officials consider Blue Flag certification as critical to maintaining the success of Los Cabos as a worldwide beach resort tourist destination.

The municipal government, in coordination with the State of Baja California Sur and federal officials, has a number of key workers directly in charge of maintaining the Blue Flag standards on local beaches.

Blue Flag Certification

So, what are these criteria standards that are seen as critical by several levels of government officials and workers in Los Cabos?

Beaches receiving Blue Flag certification around the world must meet several standards of quality for tourists and locals enjoying the beach.

Beach in Los Cabos

First, they must maintain excellence in quality related to water quality, environmental standards, safety, security, and education of beachgoers.

Finally, they must have the highest level of verification and monitoring of the standards in place.

The beaches receiving the highest points in meeting the standards are honored with the prestigious Blue Flag.

Pristine Santa Maria Beach in Los Cabos, Mexico

This is seen as an international standard of high quality beaches and tourists will seek out these beaches when selecting a beach resort destination for their vacation getaway.

Which Beaches Are Recertified

So far, the Blue Flag auditors have concentrated their recertifications on the beaches in the Los Cabos area.

Vacation rentals on the beach in Los Cabos

According to the report of the audits, the recertified beaches in the Los Cabos area include Villa de Arco, Villa la Estancia, Villa del Palmar, Riu Palace Baja California, Riu Santa Fe, Riu Palacete Los Cabos, Casa Dorada, Me Cabo, Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos, Pueblo Bonito Rose, Club Cascadas Baja, La Ribera, Surgidero, La Gaviota, Hacienda, Breathless, El Corsario, Las Viudas, Santa María, El Chileno, Palmilla and Acapulquito.

The auditors will now be focusing their activities in the northern zone of the State of Baja California Sur, including the beaches surrounding the state capital of La Paz.

Rocks in water in El Chileno Beach

How Tourists Can Help

With the Blue Flag designation so important and critical to providing the highest quality of beaches worldwide to tourists, there are several actions travelers can take when visiting Los Cabos to preserve the Blue Flag certifications.

One of the biggest issues is around cleanliness of the water and coastline. For this, tourists can greatly assist the efforts by focusing on packing out what they pack in for a day in the sun, sand and surf in Los Cabos.

Aerial view of a beach in Los Cabos

Simply putting trash and recyclables in posted waste cans or taking them back to the hotel for proper disposal will not only keep the beaches and water clean to maintain the Blue Flag standards but also help with sustainability.

Another significant issue related to tourist activities is bonfires on the beach. While they may be a fun summertime activity, they cause environmental impacts with the ash, nails, and other objects in the sand after the fire.

Municipal officials spend considerable time, energy, and money on cleaning the beaches after bonfires. With the summer season right around the corner, tourists are asked not to have bonfires on the beach to preserve the Blue Flag certification.

sunny day el chileno beach los cabos

Last, visitors should be committed to safety on local beaches by understanding the colored beach flag warning system and observing the safety directions of local lifeguards and safety officials.

Not only can tourists take a couple of easy steps to help Los Cabos preserve the Blue Flag certification of local beaches, but they can also be used to enjoy a fun day in the sun, sand, and surf.

What do you think about the beaches in Los Cabos? Are they truly some of the best in the world? What can be done to make them better? Share your feedback in the comments below.

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