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More Cameras Being Added To Los Cabos’ Most Popular Beach To Protect Tourists

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Back in February, the Los Cabos Public Service Department announced that they would be taking over the feeds of the 20 cameras on El Medano Beach.

These cameras were installed by the Medano Businessmen’s Association to protect both the customers and the employees at the popular tourist zone beach in Los Cabos.

The hope was that the central location monitoring would prevent issues at the popular beach and lead to a faster police response when needed.

However, it appears that a sense of lack of security has returned to El Medano Beach.

El Medano Beach Los Cabos

Recently, the Medano Businessmen’s Association announced plans to again go ahead with brand new cameras at the popular tourist beach.

Extending The Protective Coverage

The new proposed camera network extension of 24 additional cameras will reportedly cover the entire El Medano beach area.

The added area of surveillance will include some of the large convenience store locations frequented by visitors to the popular resort beach destination.

Police monitoring a beach in Mexico

The mission of the new 24 video monitoring cameras on El Medano beach is to avoid the potential for criminal behavior and provide enhanced security for the many international visitors that enjoy spending time at the beach.

The strategy is that the 24 cameras will also aid local municipal law enforcement officers in abducting and prosecuting criminals who have their images captured by the network in the process of conducting a crime.

Both Los Cabos municipal authorities and members of the Medano Businessmen’s Association came together in agreement for the need and deployment of the new strategic safety cameras.

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Video camera monitoring location

State Department Safety Rating For Los Cabos

Overall, Los Cabos is generally regarded as a safe place for tourists to visit on a beach resort vacation.

Despite this fact, the United States Department of State has not changed its rating on the Los Cabos area in Baja California Sur since October 5, 2022. It has made a small adjustment due to the ending of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It still maintains an “exercise increased caution due to crime” rating on the entire state.

However, there are no restrictions in place for United States government employees visiting Baja California Sur or the tourist areas of Los Cabos and La Paz.

What This Means For Visitors

Person Handcuffed and being escorted by two police officers

Visitors should feel comfortable traveling to Los Cabos for their beach resort destination vacation.

The federal, state, and municipal governments are all coordinating activities to ensure the safety of tourists to Los Cabos.

Municipal law enforcement regularly patrol the area and are constantly monitoring key popular tourist areas both physically and using remote technology.

An extensive camera network is in place to observe known issue areas with the ability to rapidly send assistance if needed by travelers.

Municipal police in Mexico

Additional Steps to Stay Safe

Even with the extensive security monitoring system in place, and growing in key traffic areas such as El Medano beach, tourists should exercise normal smart precautions when visiting the resort beach destination.

The main way tourists in Los Cabos can stay safe is to know their surroundings. They should observe who is around them and be aware of what is happening in the general area.

Tourists should also avoid putting themselves in risky situations and unknown areas. They should travel with a friend when possible who can get help if needed in an emergency situation.

Senor Frogs in Los Cabos Filled With Tourists

Visitors should also plan ahead by securing travel insurance to protect themselves in the advent of any criminal activity.

Many types of travel insurance are low priced and provide peace of mind for visitors to Los Cabos, including for health-related issues.

Travelers to Los Cabos should also be prepared to report crimes that they are involved in to local authorities to ensure proper investigating and prosecuting of crimes on visitors.

Reporting the crime ensures a safer Los Cabos for future visitors.

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