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Maluma Spotted Vacationing In Los Cabos

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Colombian singer, and worldwide sensation Maluma is one of the latest A-list celebrities to visit Los Cabos. Unlike other celebrities though it does seem like the Cabo vacation was not a romantic getaway for Maluma. He was pictured with his dog enjoying the resort facilities, and there were maybe people from his regular entourage with him in Cabo, but as far as we know, no lucky lady. 

Maluma Shirtless At The Beach

Maluma’s Cabo visit actually fulfills a promise that he had made to local fans back in 2019. In that year he headlined the Sabor a Cabo concert. During the event he vowed to return to Los Cabos. Fans of the singer may have hoped that upon his return to the Mexican Pacific he would’ve held a concert. That wasn’t the case, in fact Maluma’s Mexico trip was seemingly a business trip, but not in the way that you may typically expect from a world renowned performer. 

concert on Cabo beach

Maluma’s Mexico Trip Basically Took Him Across The Whole Country  

The Colombian singer found himself in Oaxaca Mexico just about a week ago. He had a photoshoot to promote the launch of his new mezcal brand called Mezcal Contra Luz. The drink that is very similar to the more popular tequila, also comes from the Agave plant. Maluma is just one of the many celebrities that have launched wine and spirits brands with production in Mexico. 

From Oaxaca, he came up to Rosarito Beach near Tijuana to be part of a music festival called the Baja Beach Fest. His presence in the Baja California Norte beach city was in doubt due to the recent crime related incidents that took place in the city before the event. Ultimately, things have thankfully died down a bit after the incidents from a couple of weeks ago. This allowed Maluma to hold a memorable show at Rosarito Beach. 

Map of Tijuana and nearby cities

Coming Down To Cabo From Rosarito

After his performance in Rosarito Maluma decided to take some days off and come down to Cabo. He shared a video with his fans on social media in which he showed off the private Cabo villa that he was staying at, while singing his new single. He even had a member of the in-house staff star in the video as the lady can be seen handing him a drink. 

The second photo which serves as evidence of Maluma’s presence in Los Cabos is a much more provocative one to say the least. The singer can be seen in just a towel at the foot of the door that leads to the pool area that his private villa featured. Maluma with the Cabo ocean in the background was a bit too much for certain fans to handle, and they didn’t hesitate to write some borderline obscene lines in the comment section.

It could be implied by the pictures that, as we mentioned, Maluma had an entourage of friends or security personnel with him during his Cabo visit. It’s hard to think that he would be so bold as to ask the in-house staff at the villa to take a picture of him for his Instagram page, but you never know. 

luxury villa

This Was Potentially Maluma’s Last Cabo Visit of The Year  

According to his Instagram page Maluma is currently no longer in the Mexican Pacific. He’s gone on to Miami for a couple of days before he continues his tour in Las Vegas in the second week of September. His tour is set to take him across the United States, and then to the other side of the pond for the last months of the year. Therefore, it’s unlikely that he’ll be making another Cabo stop in 2022. He is though, one of the celebs that loves returning to the Cabo region.