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Los Cabos Working To Increase Security Ahead Of Busy Spring Break Season 

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Spring break, when thousands of students and families arrive in Los Cabos, is one of the busiest times in the destination.   

This year it will be even busier because the Easter holiday will take place in the middle of the spring break season, which takes place during March and part of April.   

To prepare from a security standpoint, Los Cabos is already working to increase security ahead of the busy spring break season.   

Security on a Busy Beach in Los Cabos, Mexico

Planning For Security During Spring Break 2024 

Los Cabos Spring Break 2024 is just around the corner.   

Being so close, it’s no surprise that tourism and security officials are already preparing a plan to address security on a weekly basis during the weeks of the spring break season.   

Meetings will be held each week during the month of March between hotel security staff in one of the destination’s most popular areas during spring break, Medano Beach, and Los Cabos security officials.   

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What Tourism Officials Have To Say About The Security Plan 

Executive President of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, Lilzi Orcí Fregoso, commented on the need for these meetings.   

She said, “These meetings give us the opportunity to plan how we are going to work to serve this segment.”   

Fregoso further stated, “the safety operational plans are constantly being changed to improve.”  

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Spring Break In Los Cabos  

Spring break in Los Cabos officially begins during the last week of February this year, on the 25th, and runs until April 5th.   

During these weeks, thousands of tourists are expected to visit the destination.   

Last year, around 30,000 people visited Los Cabos during the spring break season.   

This year, because Easter falls on March 31st and it’s a popular holiday for domestic travelers, it’s not unlikely that the number will be even higher.   

Thankfully, Los Cabos has plenty of luxury hotels to keep up with the skyrocketing demand.   

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Main Areas Where Security Is Typically Enhanced 

There are several amazing spots around Los Cabos to enjoy nature, culture, and exciting activities.  When it comes to spring break, though, there are a couple of areas that are more popular than others.   

They are the downtown area, where much of the nightlife is concentrated, and the Medano Beach and marina areas, where several popular hotels and beach clubs are located.   

This is where security is typically enhanced the most in order to keep tourists safe. 

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Security Operations For Los Cabos Spring Break In Previous Years 

In previous years different security branches have collaborated to keep Los Cabos safe during spring break.   

You shouldn’t be alarmed if you see military soldiers patrolling the beaches and other tourist hotspots, along with the municipal and tourist police.   

They’re not necessarily there to address a dangerous situation, but rather to prevent one from occurring amidst the party atmosphere.   

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Other Ways Los Cabos Keeps Tourists Safe 

Los Cabos doesn’t just take security so seriously during spring break, but year-round.   

They’ve stepped up their game in recent years too, which is why Los Cabos is one of the safest vacation destinations in Mexico.   

Not only have they installed security cameras all over to monitor for security issues, but have even implemented the use of drones for the same purpose.   

Security Cameras in a Palm Tree Looking Down at the City

Safety Tips For A Safe Spring Break In Los Cabos 

Regardless of how hard Los Cabos security officials work to make Los Cabos the safe destination that it is, you should always follow a few important safety tips yourself.   

This is the case wherever you visit.   

Specifically, these three tips are important: 

  • Remember that there is safety in numbers.  
  • Pay attention to your surroundings.   
  • Be careful of, and don’t accept drinks from, strangers. 

Following these tips alone will greatly enhance your safety while visiting Los Cabos, or anywhere else. 

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