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Los Cabos Workers Increase Beach Cleaning Efforts Amid Recent Visitor Survey 

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While Los Cabos has plenty of things to do, it is generally thought of as a beach vacation and water activity destination.   

All kinds of boat tours are available, and there are 25 Blue Flag-certified beaches lining the coast, which are the main attraction for visitors, so these beaches must be kept in good condition.   

This is why it’s no surprise that Los Cabos workers are increasing beach cleaning efforts after a recent visitor survey indicated that some tourists see the destination as a little dirty.   

Let’s further explore the results of these surveys, and what officials are doing to change the image of the destination.  

Packed El Medano Beach in Los Cabos

Exit Surveys For Los Cabos Visitors 

Exit surveys given to tourists upon departing from Los Cabos following their vacations are an excellent tool to gauge how visitors see the destination.   

They are commonly used to determine things like where tourists think improvements could be made.   

They also tell officials how safe tourists feel when visiting the different areas of Los Cabos. 

Tourists Walking Around the Marina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

What The Exit Surveys Are Indicating 

The reporting on the most recent exit surveys addressed the concerns of tourists regarding the image of Los Cabos.   

According to reports, some visitors who filled out those surveys expressed that they felt Los Cabos wasn’t as clean as it should be.   

They particularly mentioned the areas around the marina, but some also referred to the city in general.   

Dirty Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Good News That’s Come From Previous Exit Surveys 

While the information from these recent exit surveys is a bit more on the negative side, there is good news that comes out of these surveys too.   

A report on exit surveys that was released in January focused on perceptions of security.   

The majority of the visitors who filled out those surveys expressed that they felt safe visiting Los Cabos.   

Security Camera Monitoring a Neighborhood

How Los Cabos Is Improving Its Image 

Image is always a priority for Los Cabos because it’s such a popular vacation destination.   

Security is often the main focus, as keeping visitors safe is the most important thing, in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.   

Keeping the destination the beautiful place that it is, like the images in pamphlets and on tourist websites, is important too.   

Tourists on Medano Beach, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Why Beach Cleaning Efforts Are Important 

Given that Los Cabos’ main attraction is the beaches, it’s important that they are what tourists expect to see.   

Unfortunately, both locals and tourists are known to leave trash on the beaches, which is not only unsightly but dangerous to marine life as well.   

This is why officials have launched an ongoing cleaning campaign to keep them that way, in addition to making it easier for beachgoers to dispose of trash.  

Pristine Medano Beach, Los Cabo, Mexico

What Visitors Can Do To Help 

Visitors can also do their part to keep Los Cabos beautiful.   

It’s all about leaving no trace behind, whether you’re visiting the beaches, the mountains, or any other part of the destination.   

This, combined with the efforts of local officials, will help keep Los Cabos beautiful for years to come.   

Tourists on Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Overall Popularity Of Los Cabos 

Los Cabos gets millions of visitors every year, so it only makes sense that as the destination grows in popularity, it’s going to take a much bigger effort to keep it safe and beautiful.   

Exit surveys show that Los Cabos is pretty successful at making visitors want to return.   

For that reason, we can expect it to continue to be the favorite vacation destination that it is.

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Iris Deacon

Friday 3rd of May 2024

It is not just the Beaches that need cleaning it is all the streets and sidewalks that need cleaning. The empty lot places have become dumping grounds. The people who own them should be forced to clean them up. No point having beautiful and expensive Resorts when the area surrounding is a disgrace