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Los Cabos Warns Travelers Of Its Zero Tolerance Policy For Unruly Tourists

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The Los Cabos Police Director, Jesús Antonio Gómez, held a press conference to warn tourists coming to Los Cabos that there will be a zero-tolerance policy in place for Spring breakers.

Gomez mentioned that anyone who commits a crime or administrative offense while in Cabo will be punished accordingly – regardless of whether they are locals or visitors from another country. 

Busy Beach Full of Tourists During Spring Break in Cabo San Lucas

Police Director Gomez would go on to say that so far, there haven’t been virtually any spring breakers detained by local police.

He hopes that things will continue along those lines. However, it’s potentially this upcoming weekend when police expect to see an influx in the number of young tourists arriving in the region.

The Police Director mentioned, “For a few weeks now, we have been working in the tourist area in coordination with people from the business sector. We’ve already seen the arrival of foreign students, and because of this, we are deploying more officers in both Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. The flow of tourists is not yet out of the ordinary. However, we expect that from this weekend onward, there will be a noticeable arrival of young vacationers.”

Police officers detaining People at private party

Common Infractions Committed By Tourists In Mexico

Most of the issues that local police in Los Cabos deal with regarding tourists have to do with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

A good rule to stay out of trouble in Mexico would be to avoid causing a scene while intoxicated in the streets of Los Cabos. Just like in many other places, even if you’ve had one too many to drink, if you’re not causing a scene, you’re probably ok.

Urinating in public places is certainly one of the actions that would qualify as causing a scene. Police in resort towns deal with plenty of these incidents year in and year out. Avoid doing those types of things to stay out of trouble. 

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Breathelizer tests performed by police on drivers

The new anti-tobacco laws can come into play in a considerable way this Spring season.

The new law banned smoking in places like resorts and even prohibited some bars and restaurants from setting up designated smoking areas.

That ban on designated smoking areas has since been walked back a bit locally.

Man smoking on beach in Los Cabos

Many people who have come to Cabo recently claim that the smoking ban on beaches and other spots isn’t necessarily being enforced.

It’s still a fact, though, that tourists can be fined for smoking in certain areas.

A good idea may be to speak with hotel staff and servers at restaurants and bars to get to know what their smoking policy is before lighting a cigarette.

Senor Frogs in cabo with people enjoying the bar

Police Plan To Set Up WatchTowers In Designated High Traffic Spots

Police are not only going to be increasing the number of personnel that will be deployed to the main tourist attractions around Los Cabos this spring.

They actually plan to set up temporary watchtowers in some of these spots in order to get a bird’s eye view of the parts of Los Cabos that are expecting the most foot traffic this Spring.

Police WatchTower At An American City

Parts of Los Cabos, like the Marina area and El Medano beach, recently upgraded their video surveillance systems as well.

Police say that they plan to monitor these systems on the spot in the watch towers that they have set up.

All of this is meant to ensure that people who come to Los Cabos can feel safer throughout their stay. 

Police Officers Monitoring A Security System At A Station

The Hotels’ Association in Los Cabos is anticipating that Cabo hotels will be at least 82% booked for this upcoming weekend.

March 20th is a federal holiday in Mexico, so the mixture of national and international tourists is sure to keep Cabo a bit crowded from the next few days onward.

The weekend after that marks the official Spring Break dates for UCLA, UC Berkeley, and all of the other campuses of the University of California.

That is sure to spike the arrival of US students to the region as well. Something that authorities are well aware of.

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