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Los Cabos Warned To Watch For This Scam During Winter Season 

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It’s not uncommon for scams to increase during the holiday season in any city, including the vacation destination of Los Cabos.   

Scams involving money are more frequent during this time of year, as one woman found out when a couple allegedly tried to steal her debit card at an ATM.   

Now, Los Cabos tourists are being warned to watch out for this scam during the busy winter season. 

Los Cabos Warned To Watch For This Scam During Winter Season 

The Most Recent Incident 

The most recent incident involving the attempted theft of an ATM card was reported by a woman using the ATM at a local machine in Los Cabos.   

The attempt to steal the woman’s ATM card was made by a couple working together.   

Fortunately, the would-be victim knew what was going on and thwarted the attempt.  

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How The Scam Works 

The scenario used by the couple attempting to steal the card, according to the woman, was to approach her when she was at the ATM and offer help with getting her card to work.   

Allegedly, the couple had a card from the same bank, but after appearing behind her, they asked the woman if they could try to insert her card for her.   

The woman believes that the couple intended to switch the cards so they could withdraw money from her account.   

When the woman refused to hand over her card, the couple took off, never having performed any transaction. 

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Safety Tips For Using A Los Cabos ATM 

It’s important to be aware of your surroundings when using an ATM in any place you go.   

This is especially important during the holidays when there is a little more desperation, and more monetary transactions are taking place.   

As a general rule, you should: 

  • Make sure nobody is near enough to see you enter your PIN at an ATM.   
  • Verify that no cameras are near the ATM.  
  • Avoid using an ATM that looks damaged.   
  • Make your transaction inside the bank if an ATM’s surroundings make you uncomfortable.   
  • Don’t accept help from someone you don’t know.   
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Other Common Scams To Watch Out For 

Petty crimes are common in vacation destinations all over the world.   

Los Cabos is not immune to these crimes, so there are a few you should watch out for.  

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More Ways To Protect Yourself While On Vacation 

In addition to protecting yourself when using the ATM, it’s important to protect yourself when walking around too.   

You can do that by avoiding being too flashy and keeping valuables in a safe place.   

Staying in tourist areas and avoiding areas you don’t know is important too.   

Last but not least, you should not walk around alone at night.   

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Los Cabos’ Winter Security Operation 

While scams and petty crime do exist in Los Cabos, there is no time that tourists are safer than during the winter when officials enhance security operations.   

During the winter months, guards from all of the different police and military forces are increased to monitor tourist areas.   

These operations are launched specifically with the aim of protecting the thousands of tourists who visit Los Cabos during the wintertime.   

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Is Los Cabos A Safe Winter Vacation Destination? 

Los Cabos is a pretty safe vacation destination to begin with.   

During the winter months, and during spring break, two of the destination’s busiest seasons, Los Cabos becomes even safer thanks to the increase in security.   

Because of this, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in a safe vacation destination.

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