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Los Cabos Tourists Zones Will Be Less Crowded After New Government Decision 

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Travelers come from all over the world to visit Los Cabos, so it’s no surprise that the tourist areas are often packed with people. 

Add to that the presence of artisans and street vendors, and areas such as the most popular beaches, the marinas, and the downtown areas can get pretty crowded. 

But Los Cabos tourist zones will be a little less crowded after a new government decision is implemented. 

Tourists and Beach Vendors Crowding a Los Cabos Beach

Street Vendors in Mexico 

Street vendors are common throughout Mexico, and many tourists who visit the country seek them out for everything from delicious street food to souvenirs.  Tacos, elote, tamales, fruit, churros, blankets, clothing, and jewelry are all items you might find being sold by a street vendor in Mexico.  And often you can find these items for great prices too.   

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Artisans And Street Vendors In Los Cabos 

In different areas of the country there are different rules for street vendors and artisan sellers.  In Los Cabos, these merchants are required to have a permit to run their business, whether it’s food, souvenirs, or artisan items that they’re selling. 

The popular tourist areas are monitored to ensure that vendors have the required permits.   

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Why Do Vendors Need Permits? 

Meeting health and safety standards are the main reason for the permit requirement for street vendors in Los Cabos.  Another reason for needing a permit is the fact that some of these vendors will set up near brick-and-mortar shops that do meet the permit requirements. 

They often take away from the tourist business of these more formal shops, which shop owners don’t feel is fair.   

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What Happens If A Vendor Doesn’t Have A Permit? 

The law requires that those who are caught selling without a permit be fined, and the fines can be pretty hefty. 

According to one deputy, Deputy Eufrocina López Velasco, the amount of the fines is similar to what a criminal would be fined.  This amount can be as much as 5,000 pesos, which is about $281 USD.   

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How The Government Plans To Solve The Problem  

Because there are so many street vendors and artisans, both with and without permits, taking up space where tourists spend their time, the government came up with a solution to minimize the crowds. 

This will give tourists a better opportunity to enjoy these areas and have a better shopping experience at the same time. 

Municipal president Oscar Leggs commented that they “are looking for a space that helps release the saturation of tourist areas,” and “artisans can sell their products there, without the need to hide from authority.”  He further commented that they will “build a forum for cultural activities to be carried out and attract more tourism.” 

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What Is A Tianguis And How Will It Help? 

An area where vendors can set up shop to sell their goods is often referred to as a tianguis, which is an open-air market where people go to shop at the various stalls. 

In Los Cabos, officials are currently working on setting up a tianguis-type space on a piece of land that used to be home to a trailer park.  It would be large enough to provide space for many of these street vendors, which will help keep popular tourist areas from being crowded.   


So. Much. Street. Food! Came across this popup street food fest in Los Cabos, Mexico. Which would you try first?

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Street Vendors And Tourists 

While many tourists go to Los Cabos with the intention of buying from street vendors, the experience can be overwhelming.  Vendors often block pathways that tourists walk on, crowd the beaches, and aggressively try to sell their wares.  Having a space that requires tourists to come to them will allow the vendors to run a legitimate business, and provide a much better experience for tourists.

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