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5 Things To Avoid When Arriving At The Los Cabos Airport

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When arriving at any airport, there’s a decent chance you’ll be tired and ready to get out of there as soon as possible.

Don’t let the hurry and the strain of travel lead you to make bad decisions. In fact, many of these 5 things that you want to avoid when arriving at Los Cabos Airport can be avoided if you take care of things in advance.

Los Cabos International Airport

Taking A Cab Without The Slightest Idea of How Far Your Hotel Is From The Airport

If you’re staying at the Hard Rock Hotel in Cabo San Lucas, keep in mind that your hotel is essentially on the outskirts of Cabo San Lucas.

The airport is in San Jose del Cabo. If you arrive at an hour when you won’t get much traffic, that’s about a 40-minute drive. 

Road From Cabo San Lucas To La Paz

With that in mind, don’t expect a cheap cab ride to get you to your hotel. In fact, if you’re traveling with a group of 5, it’s going to make more sense to book a private transport van.

The rate may be a bit steeper than a cab, but a group of 4 or more is likely going to have to take two taxis anyway, especially if you arrive with a ton of luggage.

Knowing where you are and where you’re going can help you get a sense of what a good deal is for the ride.  

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shuttle van going through a road

Taking A Ride On A Non-Certified Airport Taxi

This is a bad idea out of all Mexican airports. Usually, these taxis are going to be parked outside the terminals.

Walking out of the airport for a better deal may just put you at risk, while having the ride cost you about the same. You may even be better suited calling an Uber from near the airport.

At least in that case, you’re insured by the app, and you won’t be putting yourself or your family at risk.  

mexico taxi

Not Being Ready For The Journey That Lies Ahead

That trip that was just referenced from the airport to The Hard Rock Hotel takes 40 minutes in the early hours of the morning with zero traffic.

If you’re arriving at noon or just midday in general, that’s an hour’s worth of transit on a good day. Go to the bathroom and maybe buy some snacks for the trip.

restrooms at the airport

Also, it may be a good idea to leave the swimsuit in the luggage until you reach the hotel. Some people like to travel to beach cities with their swimming gear already on.

Getting on a plane like that is uncomfortable enough; add to that having to wait in traffic for potentially over an hour, and the result just is even worse.

Wearing appropriate yet comfortable clothes on your journey to your Cabo hotel is recommended.   

Passenger Exiting a Delta Plane After a Flight

Changing All Of Your Local Currency To Pesos Right Then & There

Most travelers understand that the exchange rates at the currency exchange businesses within airports are not ideal. Cabo also forces travelers to potentially rethink how they manage their dollars.

Most businesses take U.S. dollars in cash but at rather poor exchange rates. You can pay with your card, though, in many Cabo restaurants and stick to the rate that your credit card provider offers.

Just say that you want the bill to be paid in Mexican pesos. The bottom line is that you probably shouldn’t take all of your U.S. dollars in cash and exchange them for pesos at the airport. 

Exchange at a Mexico airport

Purchasing Souvenirs At Gift Shops When You’ve Just Arrived

Purchasing souvenirs or drinks upon arrival because they are still “tax-free” can be a big mistake. You’re potentially missing out on a wide variety of options that you’re going to find within Cabo.

There’s actually a very big art scene in Cabo.

Shop in San Jose del Cabo with Art Hanging on the Walls

That makes for interesting souvenirs that you may not find in other Mexican cities. When it comes to drinks and perfume, you always have your return trip to make those purchases if necessary.

Again you may be able to find more variety and perhaps better quality items at equal prices within Cabo. Don’t let yourself be drawn into these gift shops upon your arrival.

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Friday 12th of May 2023

How could you write an article about the Cabo Airport and NOT mention avoiding the excursion sales trap they have set up prior to getting outside of the airport to catch your shuttle? It is obnoxious.


Tuesday 16th of May 2023

@Stephen, excursion sales in the round, just beyond luggage retrieval. Maybe there are time share hawks there as well. Either way, it's obnoxious.


Sunday 14th of May 2023

@Mary, your referring to the timeshare OPCs -


Thursday 11th of May 2023

Beware of this scam in Mexico. When paying with your credit or debit card ALWAYS CHECK THE TOTAL AMOUNT and confirm it is in PESOS and not DOLLARS!

If you buy something for $5,000 pesos but your receipt shows $5,000 dollars you can be stuck with paying this amount and you may not get your money back.