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Los Cabos Tourists Will Now Have 5G Cell Phone Speeds During Their Visit

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Keeping up with Friends, mapping out the local restaurants, and looking into nearby attractions in your area are all crucial things to do while on vacation, and these activities are about to get easier to do in Los Cabos for many tourists! Mexican cell phone company Telcel has announced that they have finished rolling out 5G towers that will allow users to have blazing fast speeds and less interrupted connection in both the hotel and commercial areas of both San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

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Although these towers were built by Telcel, with the primary use being for their customers, the largest cell phone carriers in the United States allow for uninterrupted service in Mexico at the fastest available speed. This means even tourists visiting Los Cabos will be able to take advantage of the 5G speeds, which can be over 20 times faster than 4G. See below for data rules for travel to Mexico under some of the United States’ most popular carriers. 

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Sprint / T-Mobile In Los Cabos

Since T-mobile’s acquisition of Sprint began in 2018, the company has allowed for the free continuation of services in both Mexico and Canada. Unfortunately, For users on T-mobile’s Essentials plans, coverage is capped at 2G in both Mexico and Canada. 

For users with Magenta plans, T-mobile provides five gigabytes of 4G data followed by unlimited 2G data. Although these plans do not include Los Cabos’ new 5G cell service, One upside to their installation is that less overall traffic on the 4G towers means faster speeds for T-mobile Magenta users taking advantage of 4G speeds! 

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T-mobile Users also have the option to upgrade their service by purchasing a high-speed internet pass on a daily basis to unlock faster 5G speeds. For more information, see T-Mobile’s website 


Under many cell phone plans at AT&T, users can use their phones regularly in Mexico. With the motto of “two countries, one network,” these plans will allow users to take full advantage of the newly introduced and blazing-fast 5G speeds recently implemented in Los Cabos. 

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To learn if your plan is eligible for this benefit, take a look at your account on AT&T’s website and learn more about the data without borders perk.


For users with Verizon’s unlimited plans, text, talk, and high-speed data is free in Mexico, which includes faster 5G speeds. For users with non-unlimited plans, Verizon offers customers the ability to purchase a TravelPass. The pass costs $5 per day and has discounts for monthly passes, and includes unlimited high-speed data and texting and calling to United States-based numbers. 

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For more information, check out Verizon’s TravelPass FAQ


A relative newcomer in the carrier market, GoogleFi is a phone plan often used by lovers of travel due to its flexibility and favorable prices. For users traveling to Los Cabos, high-speed data, now including 5G, is offered without any additional cost on all three plan tiers (Simply Unlimited, Unlimited Plus, and Flexible)

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To check out GoogleFi’s full international policy, see their website here. 

Los Cabos Improvements

5G Cell phone towers aren’t the only recent improvement made to Los Cabos. The city recently made additions to security, such as adding 300 monitoring video cameras throughout the city, installing panic buttons for better police response times, and deploying the national guard to clamp down on illegal street vendors. 

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With new speedy cell phone data at your disposal, there has never been a better time to visit Los Cabos! When you are ready to plan your vacation, check out The Cabo Sun’s articles on visiting the Los Cabos Arch and some exclusive deals on Los Cabos vacation packages.

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