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Los Cabos Tourists Warned Against Taking Part In This Unregulated Excursion

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For many visitors to Los Cabos, enjoying time with nature is an important decision factor in their choice to visit the beach resort destination.

There are many places all around Los Cabos to enjoy interactions with nature, including scuba diving, snorkeling, and boat tours.

The ocean waters and marine life are definitely part of life in Los Cabos and the experience for tourists.

However, tourists have to remember that the marine life in the waters of Los Cabos is wild, and their behavior is truly unpredictable.

Los Cabos cruise around scenic tourist destination Arch of Cabo San Lucas, Playa Amantes, Playa del Divorcio and other scenic beaches.

Unless a tourist is trained in the behavior of the large animal they are interacting with in the water, they may put themselves in harm’s way with a wild animal.

Hazards in the Water

Any animal in the water can be a hazard to divers and snorkelers in the water due to the unpredictability of their actions and the size of the animal.

Sea turtles have been known to snap at divers in play, causing injuries. Even stingrays are known to mistake a diver for another animal in the water. Though these instances are extremely rare, they are still a possibility.

Manta ray in the water

Unless a diver is trained in the behavior of the animal or with someone knowledgeable about how the animal acts in the wild, it’s better to observe it at a distance.

Swimming With Orcas

Orcas are definitely the gentle giants of the water. They are very smart and social animals that love interaction. They normally travel in groups and enjoy being with others.

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Orcas in the water off of La Paz

However, just like all the other animals in the sea, they are large wild animals that are better observed from a distance.

That’s why local officials are asking tourists to avoid participating in unregulated tour operators offering adventures swimming with the orcas in Los Cabos.

In the event that the animal is stressed or unhappy with the snorkeler or diver nearby, the situation could pose a different risk to those not familiar with the behaviors of the animal.

Divers In Cabo Pulmo Near Los Cabos

The Best Way to Enjoy Time With Orcas

For those looking to learn more about these fascinating creatures in the sea, a better option would be to enjoy them in their natural environment with a boat tour.

There are a number of eco-conscious boat tours available from Los Cabos that give tourists a way to interact with marine life while also respecting the animals and their well-being.

Boat tours not only give visitors to Los Cabos a chance to experience marine life, but they also know to give them space while also sharing some educational tips about the animals and their lives.

People On A Boat Tour in Los Cabos

This way, tourists in Los Cabos get to learn something new while getting to see marine animals, such as orcas, demonstrate their natural behaviors in the sea.

Nature and Sustainability

Nature and sustainability are two of the pillars that visitors are seeking when visiting Los Cabos.

By observing animals in their natural environment, tourists are getting an amazing opportunity to see some of the most fascinating animals in the world.

Seals looking into the water in Cabo Pulmo

There are so many different species of marine life in the waters around Los Cabos, not to mention the amazing UNESCO world heritage site of Cabo Pulmo.

However, because of their size relative to our size, some of them are better observed and enjoyed in their natural environment from a distance.

For the safety of everyone involved and to avoid the possibility of an accident with an animal, it is often better to watch and learn more about the lives of these fascinating large sea creatures in Los Cabos from the safety of a boat instead of in the water.

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