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Los Cabos Tourists Warned Against Copying Influencers Performing This Illegal Activity

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They are the largest dolphins and one of the most powerful predators in the world. But despite what Los Cabos tourists have heard or seen on social media, it is illegal to swim with orcas.

Recently, TikTok influencer Mikel García posted a video on his social channels about swimming with the animals, and it has local Los Cabos officials warning visitors against the activity.

Swimming With The Orcas

Orcas hunting seals off the coast of Mexico

Orcas, also known as killer whales, are generally not dangerous to humans. Despite this fact, taking to the waters to enjoy a swim with the approximately 10,000-pound animals is not only unsafe but also illegal.

García’s video posted to the popular social media site TikTok shows himself swimming with orcas in Los Cabos. Additionally, he recommends the experience provided by local tour guides, and the video has more than 200,000 views.

The video does appear to possibly be created using artificial intelligence avatars and has not yet been confirmed as credible by local authorities.

@_mikelgarcia Lo harías? 😱😎 #parati #tiktokespana #fyp #lentejas #tiktokespaña ♬ Hoist the Colours – Colm R. McGuinness

Nonetheless, local officials have started outreach warning tourists to Los Cabos that the practice of harassing orcas is dangerous, illegal, and harmful to the animals.

It is also being promoted by tour guides without authority or regulation from the local, state and federal government to promote and conduct the activity.

Dangerous For The Orcas

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Large group out on a boating tour in the Cabo bay

While it may seem fun and harmless for the swimmers and the animals, it is actually considered harassment under the federal laws of Mexico.

Museum and the Whale and Marine Sciences Executive Director Francisco Gómez Díaz commented that the official Mexican standard laws specifically regulate whale-watching activities in the country and protection for the animals.

The activity promoted by García is in direct violation of concern for the welfare of the orcas in their natural habitats, as governed by the regulation.

Orcas swimming off the coast of Mexico

Another regulation controls the practice of whale sharks instead of being specific to orcas.

Even without specific regulations in place, the act of tourists swimming with orcas puts the protective animal under stress and can cause long-term damage, including fertility issues.

According to Gómez Díaz, the animals communicate with others in their group of up to 50 fellow orcas through a sophisticated series of clicking sounds in the water.

Diver jumping into the ocean from a boat

Constant boats above them with tourists swimming in the water disrupt this critical communication orcas rely on to survive.

What Tourists Should Do

First of all, tourists in Los Cabos should be aware that swimming with orcas, unlike the activity of swimming with whale sharks, is unregulated by government officials.

Any tourist provider claiming authorization or a permit for the activity is incorrect.

Los Cabos tourists are urged not to contract with a tour guide for this activity.

It’s better to observe these animals from a local whale-watching tour boat in Los Cabos if possible.

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Shirena Gonzalez

Thursday 8th of June 2023

I’d like to comment that so much about this article isn’t factual. While it is an illegal and u regulated activity, it is NOT and will NEVER BE better to see orcas in captivity or any other cetacean or animal for thy matter. Any guide, instructor, or captain doesn’t advocate for animal captivity. Yes it’s best to watch them from the boat without altering their behavior, but please do not advocate seeing orcas in a zoo, dolphin atrium or in any other captive area. This is just wrong. Also, at least one of your images is not in Baja California is Sur, so please fix this article or don’t publish things you’re unsure about. As a news reporting site, you should be fact checking everything prior to publishing it.

Felipe Anjos

Thursday 8th of June 2023

There is no report of Orcas attacking people on the wild, and there are numerous reports of orcas being killed by humans for capturing their calves to put them in tanks, and also orcas attacking their trainers in captivity because they are being abused and sometimes starving until they do tricks for tourists.

This article has no fact check and could possibly have been written by people related to the dolphin tank industry with the objective of benefiting their public agenda.

The truth is that the people who are swimming with them are ecologists and passionate environmentalists who are fighting hard to get regulations for the activity and provide an alternative for the community other than the fishing industry.

Just because something is not regulated does not mean it is ilegal and also doesn’t reflect if it’s right or wrong. How come the sport fishing industry is still able to fish around breeding grounds and entangle humpback whales in cabo and no one says they are wrong. But when other people are trying to get a deeper connection with animals with respect to them and being careful about the impact caused on them , they are judged for one influencer behavior or one sad event. And honestly dolphins and orcas are being literally killed for being putted on captivity and this post tries to encourage people to support that industry. Explain me how does that make sense?

This article is unprofessional journalism and the opinions exposed does are to be reasonable


Thursday 8th of June 2023

Thank you for this. I HATE seeing tourists and boats full of people harassing the whales. They should be turning off their engines and floating while they are around, not chasing them. Thank you for pointing out that not al influencers are smart and should be followed.