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Top 5 Safety Tips When Your Los Cabos Beach Is Missing Lifeguards

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Hitting the beach is the dream and inspiration for many visitors seeking the sun, surf and sand in the Mexican resort destination of Los Cabos.

Local officials are committed to making sure visitors remain protected when enjoying a day on the beach. That’s how Los Cabos has developed its reputation as one of the safest beach destinations in Mexico.

Between a colored flag warning system, professional first responders, and a team of dedicated lifeguards, there are a number of features in place to help visitors safely enjoy their day.

Los Cabos lifeguard station without a lifeguard.

However, there are times when lifeguards are not available due to required training or other factors.

Training For Lifeguard Safety

In order to ensure that tourists are protected and safe while on the beaches of Los Cabos, lifeguards have to attend required training during the year to be recertified.

This week is one of those required training weeks.

Lifeguard Hut Mexico

The beaches of Los Cabos will be without lifeguards while the entire team is participating in an aquatic rescue seminar delivered by beach safety professionals from San Diego, Calif. and coordinated by the Cabo San Lucas Fire Department.

While the beaches of Los Cabos will only be without lifeguard service for a couple of days this time around, it will be definitely worth it to make sure they are prepared to help visitors with up-to-date emergency rescue knowledge.

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LifeGuard looking after people on the beach

Safety is also an important requirement of Los Cabos maintaining its prestigious international blue flag status that draws visitors to the beach resort destination.

Five Tips For Tourists To Stay Safe

So, what should Los Cabos travelers do to stay safe when the lifeguards are attending required safety training or are unable to patrol popular beaches?

There are five good tips to keep in mind to protect yourself and enjoy a safe day on the beach.

Red flag posted on closed beach in Mexico.

Flag System

First, pay attention to the colored flag system. The color-coded flags can tell tourists if beaches are safe, dangerous or even full of jellyfish. However, they must know the color code.

The color code is much like a stoplight. Red means no go, yellow indicates caution, and green tells visitors to hit the waves!

Be aware of white flags, which indicate that jellyfish are hanging out on the beach and in the water.

Jellyfish washed up on beach.

Swim With Friends

Second, always be sure to hit the beach with a buddy. Many incidents can avoid becoming life-threatening simply by swimming with a friend. It is much easier to stay level-headed when you are not alone, and if you are injured while in the water you will have someone close by to assist you.

This is very important not only for enjoying the beach but also for scuba diving and snorkeling in the waters off the coast of Los Cabos.

Fire Truck On Beach

Watch Out For Jellyfish

Third, be prepared for jellyfish. There have been several days recently that the beaches of Los Cabos have been full of jellyfish, and a number of tourists have been stung.

Despite the tales, urinating on a jellyfish sting is not the best solution for the injury. Instead, carefully wash the affected area and then get medical attention ASAP.

Be Prepared

Fourth, know emergency information in advance. Where is the nearest clinic or emergency room? Be sure to have first responder contact information on hand and ready to be used on an available smartphone.

This can be essential with the possibility of heat stroke and heat exhaustion in the Los Cabos summer sunshine. In just minutes, visitors not accustomed to the heat can face dangerous situations when unable to sweat to cool off.

Be prepared with cool drinks and access to shade and cold towels to quickly lower the temperature of the victim and reach out for emergency first responder assistance.

People on the beach in Los Cabos.

Insure Your Safety

Last, always have travel insurance when visiting Los Cabos. While nobody plans for a trip to the emergency room or doctor during their visit to the beach resort destination, incidents do happen.

Plan ahead by securing travel insurance that includes medical coverage while vacationing in Los Cabos.

The peace of mind alone will ensure that tourists enjoy their day at the beach in Los Cabos even when lifeguards are not available due to events such as required safety training.

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