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Los Cabos Tourists To Receive Free WiFi Access In All Public Spaces

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Soon it will be a lot easier to access the Internet from all over Los Cabos as the resort destination rolls out its wide area WiFi access project. Best of all, the access will be free.

The Idea Behind The Project

Los cabos beach with cruise ship

Initially the Los Cabos government developed the program to provide free internet services to students, especially those in rural areas of the area. At least, that’s how it’s being sold to the community.

The idea is to decrease the issues related to the digital divide in Los Cabos and provide access that makes the town more in line with the United Nations smart city concept for a technologically advanced future.

However, the same free WiFi service will also be available to visitors as the areas targeted for the free service include not only the rural areas of Los Cabos, but also the urban areas, including the beaches and tourist zone.

Following The Mexico City Model

Man using cell phone to pay at restaurant

Mexico City is one of the premier cities in the world that provides free access to all through a wide area network.

In fact, when it went live, Mexico City broke the world record for citywide internet access with more than 31,000 access points for not only students and locals but also visitors to the city.

While the access points tend to get congested at peak times and are subject to speed limitations, it was considered a model to follow for the entire nation of Mexico.

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Woman working on laptop overlooking the beach

How It Will Benefit Tourists

While complementary WiFi is already part of the standard service offerings at most of the local resorts and hotels, this would make a wide area WiFi available in public spaces, such as beaches and the general tourist zone.

This would enable visitors to easily have access to information while being away from their resort. It would also allow visitors to Los Cabos to easily have internet access citywide without having to pay expensive roaming charges from United States cellular phone companies.

Woman looking at cell phone on the beach

The access could easily connect to tourism service providers, such as allowing visitors to reserve a ticket for a whale watching trip, restaurant dinner or sportfishing excursion online.

Further, it could provide options for local businesses to provide specials for tourists using the service.

How it Connects To Tourism

As Los Cabos continues to focus on attracting more high-end and luxury travelers, many of the visitors in that segment will be professionals or even small business owners.

Providing them with the access needed to enjoy a vacation while still being easily connected to work will be very important.

Man working on a laptop overlooking the beach

It also helps Los Cabos attract more of the digital nomad segment. Despite how the name sounds, many people in this segment also make good incomes and fall into the upscale professional segment.

Mexican cities like Cancun have attracted much more attention from these segments than Los Cabos traditionally has.

However, the crowds and high rental cost for short- and long-term accommodations has digital nomads looking elsewhere for places to call home.

Man working on a laptop at a beach cafe

Moving The Program Forward

Mayor Oscar Leggs Castro has already held meetings with local internet providers about advancing the program.

He recently reported that there is interest in the municipal-supported project among the internet providers and the business community, and the discussions have been positive about moving forward.

There have been some early complications experienced with the project and the current level of infrastructure investment in Los Cabos. However, most of the coverage issues to date have been in connection to the rural areas of Los Cabos instead of the urban core and tourist zones.

There has not been a date announced for the start of the project nor a date announced for when the service will ultimately be available for students, residents and visitors to the beach resort community of Los Cabos.

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