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Los Cabos Tourists Need To Watch For This Safety Threat This Summer

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Los Cabos is rapidly becoming a food lover’s paradise for visitors from all over the world.

From Michelin star events and food festivals to some great traditional Mexican street food, Los Cabos is a dangerous place for a tourist’s waistline.

When in Los Cabos, visitors need to be aware of certain food safety issues that may arise when enjoying their vacation.

Street food vendor preparing food.

The Revenge of Montezuma

For instance, visitors from around the United States and Canada may not be able to tolerate the tap water in Mexico.

Therefore, it is common for travelers to take precautions to avoid getting Montezuma’s Revenge, or the stomach sickness associated with ingesting tap water in Mexico.

During the hot summer season, tourists should especially be aware of the ice being used to cool drinks. While many may not worry about ice in a drink, if it is not purified water, it has the same effect as ingesting tap water.

Water supply pipes

However, this is just one condition that most visitors should be aware of when visiting Los Cabos.

Consuming Seafood

Many travelers enjoy a good seafood meal of the catch of the day when visiting Los Cabos.

Because it is right on the ocean, the resort beach destination of Los Cabos is well known for its variety of tasty fish and seafood options for visitors.

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Seafood Dish

At many of the docks around the area, the fishermen will sell tourists fresh fish right off the boat and find a nearby restaurant chef to prepare and cook a great meal from the catch.

However, tourists need to be careful with consuming fresh fish and seafood this way.

The first concern is to make sure that the fish is prepared properly and cooked thoroughly.

This is not a major concern in most upscale restaurants in Los Cabos, with chefs trained in safely preparing fish and other seafood. However, visitors may want to be aware of how fish is prepared by street vendors.

Fresh Fish Sold On The Street

Tourists should be especially aware of buying fish and seafood from street vendors.

While most are very careful and safe, travelers should be sure that the fresh fish is kept cold properly, especially during the heat of the summer in Los Cabos.

Visitors to Los Cabos should also be aware of the warnings issued by local health authorities from time to time about shellfish. There have been restrictions from time to time on mollusks and other seafood due to bacterial blooms in the water.

There have even been unconfirmed reports of foodborne diseases like Cholera circulating in Los Cabos.

Women patient and doctor talking over her condition on a hospital bed

What Should Tourists Do When Sick?

The warning signs to be careful of is stomach upset, vomiting, blood in the stool, and possible acute diarrhea.

Visitors having these symptoms should visit a pharmacy to receive medication to help with the symptoms until the virus or bacteria works its way through the system.

The big risk of having these types of conditions for most visitors to Los Cabos is dehydration. It is often hard to consume water while having stomach and intestinal illnesses.

Pharmacy sign in Los Cabos

Most experts will recommend that visitors sip liquids and try to consume sugar-free electrolyte beverages and even clear broth. The idea is to stay hydrated to expel the virus or bacteria from the body.

After the virus or bacteria has passed and the traveler starts to feel hungry again, it is recommended to start eating a bland diet known as BRAT. The acronym stands for bananas, (plain) rice, applesauce, and toast.

These items are easier for the stomach to digest after being sick and as a transition to normal food in a couple of days.

If the conditions worsen while visiting Los Cabos, it is recommended that visitors consult with a doctor, clinic or hospital.

Here’s another handy hint – having travel insurance in advance of a vacation in Los Cabos can make the entire illness experience much easier to handle.

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