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Los Cabos Remains Safe For Tourists Despite Instability In Other Areas Of Mexico

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For travelers who take an interest in the wider news cycle of Mexico, they will have noticed over the first 6 weeks of 2024 there has been a worrying decrease in stability across many states.

A long list of Mexican states has seen a change for the worse, including all those who share a border with the United States of America.

However, while this negative news is a sad turn of events, especially considering the large strides taken across the nation since the pandemic to improve security, travelers to Los Cabos can rest easy in the knowledge that the destination, as well as the state of Baja California Sur where it is located, remains safe.

The marina in Los Cabos in low light with boats and yachts

The Ace Up The Sleeve

Rather than leading in with the information about what the authorities in Los Cabos do to protect travelers or how great a safety record the destination has, it’s more reasonable to highlight the biggest contributor to Los Cabos escaping much of the issues in the rest of Mexico, it’s ace up the sleeve.

a map showing the baja peninsula


Any traveler who has glanced at the map of Mexico before their vacation to see where exactly Los Cabos is would immediately notice its lonely-looking location at the tip of the Baja Peninsula.

From here, the nearest mainland Mexican city is Mazatlán in the state of Sinaloa, over 223 miles across the Sea of Cortés.

In other words, for any of the flare-ups in the cities on the mainland to reach Los Cabos, they would have to get past the strongly protected ferry ports or airports. This is due to an inability to spread to Los Cabos via the roadways and highways.

Deserted Highway in Los Cabos, Mexico

Additionally, the nearest large city to the north of Los Cabos on the same peninsula is over 755 miles away in Mexicali, Baja California, right on the U.S. border.

And from there the only way to reach Los Cabos, other than flying, is via the trans-peninsular highway, a road system that is potentially one of the most patrolled and protected in the whole of Mexico.

From that picture, travelers can see clearly how Los Cabos has been spared many of the bigger problems Mexico has suffered across the mainland of the nation.

Mexican Police Officers in Riot Gear outside building in Zocalo Square, Mexico City

Diligent Authorities

While Los Cabos doesn’t have a storied reputation for law enforcement excellence, huge strides have been made in the past couple of years.

Extensive new training for officers, upgraded equipment, higher officer recruitment standards, and a new approach of proactive policing instead of reactive policing have produced a big turnaround in standards.

That isn’t to say law enforcement is perfect in Los Cabos, but it’s in a much better place to serve and protect both travelers and locals in the destination.

Municipal police in Mexico

Federal Protection

On top of the huge improvements to both the municipal and state police serving Los Cabos, the addition of the still relatively new Guardia Nacional (National Guard) to the security apparatus for the protection of travelers has been a huge bonus.

national guard officers patrolling a beach

Unlike the National Guard of the United States of America, Mexico’s Guardia Nacional operates as a new federal police service. Similar to the gendarmerie police services found throughout Europe, it was created as an amalgamation of the Federal Police, Military Police, and Naval Police.

Easily recognized by their light camo uniforms and white vehicles, past travelers to Los Cabos will no doubt have spotted them protecting everything from the highways to the beaches, and even patrolling the bar areas late at night ensuring the safety of travelers.

National Guard In Parade

No New Precautions

Travelers visiting Los Cabos don’t currently need to take any new precautions as the destination’s security situation remains stable and reliable.

With that being said, it’s still important to keep common sense close and have a responsible and joyful vacation while visiting this beautiful corner of the world.

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