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Los Cabos Remains Safe Despite 60% Increase In This Crime

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Los Cabos is widely known for being one of the safest municipalities in Mexico, as report after report confirms.

However, recent data showed an alarming statistic.

According to it, the state of Baja California Sur, where Los Cabos is located, experienced a 61.7% increase in retail drug crimes. 

Los Cabos Remains Safe Despite 60% Increase In This Crime

The data was collected in the first two months of 2024, and it was also reported that the municipality of Los Cabos, followed by La Paz, had the highest incidence of this crime.

This is probably due to the high influx of tourists often flocking to this area. 

What is the Los Cabos government doing to address this issue? 

In light of the recent report, the Secretary of the Navy and the Public Security Directorate of Los Cabos have decided to take action to fight this increasing crime. 

Santa maria beach in Los Cabos

Commenting on the issue, the Director of Public Security, Preventive Police, and Municipal Traffic in Los Cabos, Captain Christopher Jordi López Monje, said that at the moment, the most commonly found drug in the municipality remains marijuana.  

In this regard, he later added that the local government is now carrying out from two to three operations per week involving dogs trained to detect this illegal substance. 

According to him, these new measures have already led to the arrest of two people, even though the chances of the number of arrests increasing soon are high. 

The arch point (El Arco) at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Talking about this issue, Captain Christopher Jordi López Monje declared: “There are permanent operations in conjunction with the Secretary of the Navy (SEMAR), the National Guard, SEDENA, the State Police, and with the prosecutor’s office.” 

He later added: “Operations are carried out in the most tourist areas with the greatest influx of visitors.”

Captain Christopher Jordi López Monje continued by stating how several bags containing illegal drugs have already been detected and confiscated.

Is Los Cabos safe? 

A blanket vendor carries his his colorful blankets on his back to sell to tourists on the beach in Los Cabos Mexico.

In light of these recent events, visitors heading to Los Cabos soon may now be wondering whether this area is safe. Luckily, the answer is yes. 

Despite the recent report showing an increase in drug crimes, this municipality still has some of the highest safety levels in the country. 

This is because the local government has made it its number one priority to protect both its citizens and the many tourists heading here every year for their holidays.

Police officer in Mexico

Not by chance, cities such as Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo are often visited by world-renowned celebrities, such as Megan Fox, Kylie Jenner, and Christian Bale. 

Plenty of safety initiatives and new measures are consistently implemented in this municipality to better protect visitors. 

For instance, just a few days ago, the Los Cabos government announced the decision to deploy 140 national guards due to the huge influx of tourists expected to arrive in this municipality in the upcoming days for the spring break season. 

Los Cabos officer on the beach

This new initiative was announced by the General Secretary of the Government of Baja California Sur, Saúl González Núñez, who, in a recent interview, declared: “More than 140 more elements were reported, which will contribute a lot to the security issue not only for spring breakers but also for all the citizens of the municipalities of Los Cabos.”

On top of this, the Los Cabos government has also cracked down on street vendors ahead of the March busy season. 

These unauthorized people tend to sell their fake services to foreign tourists and then disappear with their money. Last but not least, the local authorities have focused on beach safety, implementing several new measures. 

Tourists on a Beach In Los Cabos, Mexico With Boats and Land's End in the Background

The Los Cabos Delegation Coordinator of the Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone recently announced that extra lifeguards would be added to some of the most popular beaches in the municipality. 

At the moment, Santa María Beach, El Chileno Beach, and Viudas Beach have two experienced lifeguards to keep tourists safe, while the famous El Medano Beach is staffed with four.

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