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Los Cabos Reinforces Security In Main Tourist Areas To Keep Travelers Safe 

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One of the most important factors contributing to Los Cabos being the safe destination it is today is the efforts by authorities to maintain security.   

Specifically, in areas where tourists spend the most time, it’s not uncommon to see police and military guards patrolling the area, especially during busy seasons.   

Now, ahead of the busy spring break season, Los Cabos is again reinforcing security in the main tourist areas to keep travelers safe.   

Tourists and Security on the Beach in Front of the Arch in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Main Tourist Areas In Los Cabos  

There are a few specific areas where tourists spend the most time when visiting Los Cabos.   

In San Jose del Cabo, these areas are downtown near Plaza Mijares, where the art district is also located, and along Hotel Beach, where the all-inclusive resorts are.   

In Cabo San Lucas, the popular spots are the bars and clubs downtown, the marina area, and Medano Beach.   

The Tourist Corridor that runs between the two destinations is a popular area filled with resorts as well.   

The main focus of the increased security will be in the tourist areas of Cabo San Lucas.   

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Why The Added Security 

The added security is being implemented to address a few issues that, although authorities say are not huge issues, need to be addressed.   

It’s more of a precautionary measure to limit the occurrence of things like drug dealing and theft.   

The frequent implementation of increased security when needed keeps Los Cabos a safe destination to visit.   

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How Safe Is Los Cabos? 

A report that recently came out shows that most people feel safe in Los Cabos.   

Additionally, periodic exit surveys are given to tourists leaving Los Cabos and overwhelmingly show that tourists leave with positive feelings about the destination.   

The most recent report of crime rates in Los Cabos also showed the numbers dropping in several categories as well, proving that Los Cabos keeps getting safer.   

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Cabo San Lucas Vs. San Jose Del Cabo – Which Is Safer? 

Both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are safe destinations to visit.   

San Jose del Cabo is a little more laid-back, whereas there’s more of a party scene in Cabo San Lucas.   

Based on that, you could say that San Jose del Cabo might be a little bit safer, but security is more concentrated in Cabo San Lucas, so it essentially equals out.   

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Crimes To Watch Out For In Los Cabos 

Despite the constant efforts to increase security, there will always be criminals out there committing petty crimes who slip by authorities.   

This is true for any major city or popular tourist destination.   

In Los Cabos, the main things you have to worry about are pickpocketing, fraudulent tours, bill switching when making purchases, and being offered drugs, but even instances of these crimes are rare.   

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Top 5 Tips For Having A Safe Los Cabos Vacation  

We have a responsibility to protect ourselves when on vacation as well.   

There are several things that we can do personally to minimize our chances of becoming the victim of a crime.   

These 5 tips will help increase your chances of having a safe Los Cabos vacation. 

  1. Don’t wander outside of designated tourist areas. 
  1. Don’t walk around alone at night. 
  1. Don’t accept drinks from strangers.   
  1. Stay aware of your surroundings. 
  1. Avoid being too flashy and drawing attention to yourself.   
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Why Los Cabos Will Be Even Safer In 2024 

Los Cabos is always doing something to improve security in the popular tourist destination.   

This year, more police officers are being hired, better surveillance cameras are being installed, and officials are working on making the roads safer.   

These measures will make Los Cabos even safer this year.

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Kathleen Snodgrass

Monday 22nd of January 2024

The Cabo airport arrival processing area is the slowest in the world I have ever experienced. They need to get rid of the so called “shark tank” which arrivals are forced to go through! And the exit area needs to get rid of the bottleneck that arrivals have to go through after they claim their luggage!