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Los Cabos Police To Receive Additional Training To Better Protect Tourists

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No matter where we rest our heads at night, we all want to feel safe. Whether at home or on the road, we would all like to know we’re able to call 911 in case of an emergency.

Unfortunately, some officers in Los Cabos didn’t have their finest moments lately.

A clip from Cabo tourists went viral recently for questionable interactions with police officers. Some would say it was harmless fun, while others question the professionalism of Cabo’s police force.

Aerial view of los cabos

It appeared the officers were asked to pose for a photo, but sitting on an officer’s shoulders seems to cross a line.

It is simply bad optics when Los Cabos has invested heavily in tourists’ safety. Los Cabos is trying to put this blunder to bed by announcing additional training to ensure tourists and locals can trust the police.

Cabo Is Party Central

Cabo is not only a place to relax poolside; it’s also a place to let loose to tear up the town. There are so many fun bars and events throughout the area to choose from.

cabo police officer on beach

It seems as if a few police officers simply forgot they were on the clock and got caught up in the moment.

There are far worse reports regarding police behavior in many different parts of the world. Just take a look at TikTok.

If this is the dividing line for bad behavior in Cabo, then tourists surely are safe in the region.

The fact is crime is very low in this region of Mexico.

cabo sign at tequila tasting room

Cabo’s Investment In Tourist Safety

As there seems to be never-ending hordes of travelers making their way to paradise, Los Cabos has invested heavily in security forces to keep tourists safe.

Despite a travel advisory for Mexico issued by the U.S. State Department earlier this year, Los Cabos has remained a safe haven for tourists.

In fact, when staying at one of the world-class resorts, there aren’t many places safer than these high-end, well-protected properties.

police outside los cabos resort

Tourists’ safety is at the top of the list of concerns because this region relies so much on tourists’ satisfaction to keep coming back for more, or at the very least, putting in a good word to fellow travelers.

There have been continuous training sessions held throughout the year for police officers to weed out the “bad” ones.

Factor in security guards, more cameras and occasional military personnel rollouts, from the outside looking in Los Cabos should feel really safe to vacationers.

Whether or not the viral clip of a small group of officers having fun on the clock changes that notion, Los Cabos is providing additional training to the police force.

tourists at cabo resort

What New Training Entails

The State Human Rights Commission of Baja California Sur (CEDHBCS) is addressing complaints regarding the lack of professionalism from the police.

The one key finding is that lack of training is the common denominator, so that’s about to change.

It is expected that 600 officers in Los Cabos will take part in new training programs. This goes beyond taking funny pictures with tourists.

There have been reports of human rights violations that will be addressed in addition to better handling traffic stops.

police in san jose del cabo

While not every tourist will be behind the wheel on the Cabo trip, it is important to know new protocols are being set in place to ensure they will be treated fairly if pulled over.

“In response to the diagnosis made by this commission, we identified the lack of a general training program aimed at police personnel in Los Cabos.

“Despite the fact that they are one of the most reported authorities in that location, with active complaints under investigation and even videos that have been shared on social networks”

Head of the State Human Rights Commission, Charlene Ramos Hernández
cruise ship and tourists in cabo

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