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Los Cabos Officials Increasing Security At Tourist Outdoor Recreation Sites

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Tourists love coming to Los Cabos to get their wild side on. No, it’s not what you are thinking for this article. It’s all about getting outside with the wild side of nature in the desert of Baja California Sur.

Nature was one of the emerging travel trends the Los Cabos Tourism Trust identified as a key driver of future tourism in places such as the beach resort destination.

With all of the natural experiences available in the area, there was a natural connection between an increase in tourism and the scenic beauty of Los Cabos.

Small Los Cabos Nature

However, the increase in visitors coming to enjoy the rugged outdoors of Los Cabos has created some issues for local emergency responders and law enforcement.

In order to keep everyone safe, municipal and state officials are coming together to create a response plan to ensure the security and safety of everyone enjoying a bit of the natural wildlife around Los Cabos.

Enhanced Rural Security

A motorcycle rider in the desert

Eng. Jesús Antonio Gómez Rodríguez is charged with overseeing the rural police department around Los Cabos with a force of a commander and eight force elements.

Part of their role is to ensure the safety of visitors to the natural outdoor areas around Los Cabos. However, their official charge is to maintain peace and order with other agencies and all three levels of law enforcement.

With the increase in visitors, especially those interested in exploring more than just what the urban side of Los Cabos can offer, their challenges have compounded with the limited numbers of first responders.

A hiker enjoying a scenic view of the ocean

Recently, they have been involved in investigating issues such as the illegal poaching of animals.

However, they have also been involved in speaking with citizens and tourists in the field to get their perspective on the security needs in the outdoors of Baja California Sur.

The Tourist Mission of the Rural Police

Man on an ATV in the Desert in Cabo San Lucas

The rural police play an important safety and security mission for tourists visiting Los Cabos for a vacation getaway with an outdoor adventure.

Whether it is hiking in the desert, climbing a rock wall face, or even four-wheeling through the dunes, law enforcement is there to provide protection and emergency response for tourists when needed.

They are specifically trained to provide search and rescue services for travelers who may be in the desert and lost or disoriented due to lack of water, the heat, or even the constant sunshine.

Local nature with trees and shrubs outside of Rancho Pescadero Resort

Often, they are called in to also provide law enforcement surveillance in ecotourism areas surrounding Los Cabos to protect against looting of historical and cultural artifacts and even the defacing of property from graffiti.

They want tourists to know that the rural police are available as law enforcement and first responder resources to those enjoying their adventure vacation getaway in the outdoors surrounding Los Cabos.

A Resource for Travelers

Police officers riding an ATV on the beach

Tourists to Los Cabos can feel more secure knowing that the rural police are on patrol and ready to respond in a time of need for safety or security concerns while enjoying the natural beauty surrounding Los Cabos.

As the natural areas around Los Cabos become more popular as the peak winter holiday travel season starts, the need for their protection will only increase.

In the event that emergency response assistance is needed from the rural police around Los Cabos, tourists are urged to dial 911 from their cellular phones and know their general location.

Many of the popular tourist outdoor recreation areas in Baja California Sur and Los Cabos have been upgraded recently to provide cellular and free Wi-Fi technology to enable first responders to quickly locate visitors on a nature adventure in the event of an emergency.

Tourists, however, are still recommended to have travel insurance to protect themselves on outdoor adventures around Los Cabos.

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