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4 Reasons Why Backpackers Are Flocking To Los Cabos

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There are dozens of reasons to add Los Cabos to the top of your travel wishlist. Its close proximity to the States makes it all the more reachable to turn your dream vacation into reality.

While many travelers are there to celebrate weddings and anniversaries or just need to get away from the stresses of everyday life, others stuff their backpacks and head south for an adventure.

Backpackers are a unique type of traveler who tends to max out the most value for their small budget. In Los Cabos, that can be tough on the surface, but backpackers make it happen.

Woman with backpack and hat at the beach

As appealing as it may be, the truth is you don’t have to stay at a luxury all-inclusive resort to make the most of your trip.

There are ways to skirt around spending loads of money here while still having the time of your life.

Maybe there’s no swim-up bar, beachfront balconies, or endless buffets of food, but backpackers find plenty to see and experience.

Here are 4 reasons why backpackers are flocking to Los Cabos:

The Same Reason As Everyone Else – The Beach Is Free!

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It goes without saying the beach is the main draw for tourists who come here—one of many reasons why Los Cabos is breaking all-time tourism records this year.

Many come year after year, making it their top go-to getaway for some beach time. We all need that, right?

Well, solo travelers stuffing their bags ’til their zippers pop are no different. Backpackers may typically be on a budget, but that doesn’t mean the same experiences aren’t appealing.

Let’s face it: Cabo’s beaches are truly stunning—some of the best in the world, in fact, with dozens of blue-flag awards.

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Hitting up the beach is free, so you know backpackers are saying “cha-ching!” and cashing in. As a year-round destination, backpackers can escape the worries back home and find pure bliss in Cabo.

Cheap Flights

Cabo may have sky-high prices for many accommodations, but getting here shouldn’t break the bank. In fact, a report released last month revealed Los Cabos as one of the most affordable last-minute trip options.

Now that fall has arrived, airfare tends to dip even more, which should light backpackers’ eyes up with dollar signs.

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Los Cabos has a plethora of flight options already coming from the U.S., yet more flights are expected to be added with the latest safety upgrade from the FAA.

Of course, you can always scope out airfare from Mexico-based airlines as well, where you might save a pretty penny.

High-End Hostels

Sharing a room with strangers may not be at the forefront of travelers’ minds when thinking of a Cabo getaway, but backpackers have a close-knit community where this is quite the norm.

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Of course, hostels offer private rooms as well for those seeking space and privacy. The best part about hostels is cheap, comfortable accommodations at low price points.

This is pretty much the standard internationally and no different here in Los Cabos. In fact, the highly respected brand HostelWorld ranked in the top 3 hostels in the region.

Whether you take off work or bring your laptop with you to take on the digital nomad way of life, Cabo’s hostels are an excellent choice, especially since many offer free Wi-Fi.

Some are more for the party scene, while others are more laid back. Either way, backpackers find their niche and leave rave reviews for Cabo’s hostels.

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So Many Fun Activities

Hostels not only offer comfortable stays but are a great gateway to finding the area’s top excursions. Cabo has so many to choose from you may not know where to start.

Backpackers tend to have a ton of time on their hands since it’s up to them to find ways to stay busy. Cabo is perfect for fun experiences to keep solo travelers occupied.

While many travelers are living the high life in the glistening resort pool, backpackers are out and about seeing all the sights and having the best adventures.

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Whether it’s riding a camel on the beach, renting an off-road vehicle, or immersing yourself in the area’s stunning nature, Cabo is truly a haven for those venturing out on their own.

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