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Los Cabos Hotels Solving Staffing Shortage Ahead Of Busy Winter Season

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The peak winter holiday travel season brings an onslaught of tourists to Los Cabos, overwhelming many of the resorts that struggle to find enough workers to meet the service levels of visitors.

However, this is not the case this year as resorts and hotels in Los Cabos have been able to provide jobs for many of the workers displaced by Hurricane Otis, which literally destroyed Acapulco earlier this year.

Helping Those Displaced by Otis

Los Cabos marina and resorts

Hurricane Otis set its sights on the beach resort destination of Acapulco in late October, and its category five, 165-mile-per-hour winds, completely leveled much of the town, including the tourism infrastructure, putting thousands of skilled hospitality workers on the streets and without jobs.

When the resorts and hotels in Los Cabos knew they needed additional workers to help support the influx of visitors for the peak winter season, officials reached out to their affected brothers and sisters in Acapulco, offering jobs for the holiday season.

According to David Illedras Villegas, state leader of the Revolutionary Confederation of Workers and Peasants (CROC) in Baja California Sur, more than 1,800 workers displaced from the tourism industry in Acapulco, Guerrero, have migrated to Los Cabos and hired for work in the area.

Riu Hotel Main Building With Traditional Red Letter Sign

Most of the displaced workers arriving in Los Cabos are young males between 25-35 years of age and many of them came as part of the RIU Hotels connection to the area.

Already Trained in Hospitality

The best part is many of the workers migrating to the beach resort destination of Los Cabos were already trained for a tourism hospitality background. So, they were immediately ready to start providing service to the winter season travelers in Los Cabos.

People eating at restaurant in cabo

Often, some of the holiday staff have been undertrained in Los Cabos leading to some disappointment of service level for visiting tourists. The workers from Acapulco should improve the overall level of service that travelers can enjoy on their vacation getaway this winter season.

Meanwhile, several of the workers held different positions while working in Acapulco and are being retrained for new positions in Los Cabos. Managers are working to provide opportunities for the displaced workers and retraining them to provide excellent service to Los Cabos visitors.

The biggest worker needs currently in Los Cabos are for waiters, housekeepers, and bartenders.

Resort housekeeper making a bed

Some are critical that displaced workers from Acapulco are taking jobs from workers in Los Cabos.

However, there are currently still about 2,000 unfilled positions available in Los Cabos. The Acapulco workers are helping to meet the demands of the many travelers currently in town enjoying their winter vacation beach getaway.

Travelers Benefit from Better Service

Cabo San Lucas Beach Filled With Tourists

Ultimately, travelers to Los Cabos will benefit from the influx of workers filling key positions to ensure that the resorts and hotels in the beach resort destination are properly staffed to provide excellent customer service during the holidays.

What has been an annual problem for the past years has been resolved due to unfortunate circumstances, which have provided an amazing opportunity for displaced hospitality workers from a nearby tourist hotspot.

It’s great to see the hospitality industry in Los Cabos step up and provide opportunities to those displaced by the most powerful hurricane ever to hit the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Festive street scene in Cabo San Lucas

Having the staff available to rapidly ramp up operations and provide excellent service to customers with limited training is a great blessing to the local resort and hotel operators.

When getting good service during the holiday season in Los Cabos, be sure to tip well. Travelers may just be helping a displaced worker from Acapulco get back on their feet by catering to the needs of visitors to the beach resort destination of Los Cabos.

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