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5 Reasons Why Los Cabos Tourists Are Choosing Airbnbs Over All-Inclusives Right Now

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If you’re planning to vacation in Los Cabos, an all-inclusive resort would surely be your first choice.

Most of this gorgeous region’s all-inclusives are set beachside, adding to the allure of a dreamy beach getaway where you’re spoiled rotten with all the cushy amenities.

vacation rentals on los cabos beach

And hey, who can blame you for wanting to book a blissful vacation to wind down and relax at some of the most renowned resorts in the world?

While it sounds perfect on paper, there are some drawbacks, especially during the spring season.

According to a new report, many of Los Cabos tourists are opting for Airbnbs over lavish all-inclusive hotels.

Here are 5 reasons why Los Cabos tourists are choosing Airbnbs over all-inclusives right now:

Avoiding Spring Breakers

traveler using airbnb app

We’ve all seen them – the college crowd ready to let loose after cramming in all-nighters to pass exams and working to pay off student loans.

There’s nothing wrong with embracing your youth and having a blast in one of the most party-centric destinations in Mexico.

However, to some, it can be off-putting when you’re simply trying to enjoy a more relaxing vibe on your spring vacation.

Booking an Airbnb away from the neon attire, beer pong tables, and loud music can make a world of difference.

Embracing Spring Breakers

dj at spring break beach party

On the contrary, Airbnbs are also perfect for Spring Breakers who want to bring the whole squad.

While Airbnb has made some necessary updates over the years, including the most recent ban on hosts having indoor cameras anywhere in the world, many hosts have strict rules on parties.

That being said, there is so much to do outside your 4 walls; respecting your host’s house rules should be easy to follow.

One recent report showed a surge in nightlife up to 95% in Cabo San Lucas, where Spring Breakers can go out for the night and come back to their rental safe and sound.

More Space

airbnb kitchen in beachfront home

Los Cabos resorts are stunning across the board, yet all hotels could use a little more space, right?

Spending your vacation in one room isn’t for everyone, and to upgrade to a suite or even a villa, you have to spend exorbitant amounts of cash.

Unless you book a studio or shared room, Airbnb tends to have significantly more space than what you find at hotels, even with all the plush amenities.

You may not score endless food and drinks, but you can enjoy more elbow room to lounge around in paradise and perhaps a kitchen and laundry facilities.

More Privacy

travelers arriving at vacation rental

Also, aligning with Airbnb’s new indoor camera policy, tourists in Los Cabos can enjoy more privacy and specifically choose exactly what they’re looking for.

When you check into a resort, you’re typically assigned a room rather than picking it out yourself. At Airbnbs, you get to select whatever you’re seeking by viewing dozens of photos beforehand.

As you can imagine, especially during spring, resorts can become jam-packed. Airbnbs should see far less crowds and who knows, you may be the only ones around depending where you book.

While there are some very secluded beachfront resorts in Los Cabos, many are clustered together, lining the area’s pristine beaches where shared space is a non-negotiable.

Resort Rates Are Sky-High Right Now

female tourist relaxing in airbnb in beach setting

The question almost all Los Cabos vacationers are asking themselves is, “are all-inclusive resorts worth the splurge?”.

Los Cabos is one of the most luxurious vacation hotspots in Latin America and resorts just don’t get any better.

But, travelers are being forced to pay a premium to stay here for the most part unless you do some deep digging online to score some deals.

But even then, it’s still likely expensive. Right now, resort rates are hovering around $500 per night, which makes the potential of booking a vacation rental more tempting.

That’s not to say Airbnbs can’t be expensive either, but penny-pinching has become a common theme in Los Cabos, which is surely the number one reason short-term vacation rentals are surging up to 50% higher than usual this spring.

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