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Los Cabos Has The Most Beaches In Latin America With This Prestigious Award

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Los Cabos beaches have been in the news lately and not for the best of reasons. Powerful storms have hit hard, leaving tourists disappointed with beach closures.

Of course, one of the main draws of vacationing in Los Cabos is spending time at one of the region’s many amazing beaches.

In fact, Los Cabos has more beaches with a certain prestigious award than any other destination in Latin America.

Beautiful View of Los Cabos Beach, Boats, and Land's End

For tourists, it has both literally and figuratively rained on their parade. It’s always important to pay attention to safety hazards at beaches here.

Los Cabos uses a color-coded flag system placed at each beach to let visitors know the current safety conditions.

It’s best to familiarize yourself with what these colors mean. For now, let’s go with blue. These flags represent a truly prestigious award to many of Los Cabos beaches.

In fact, they lead all of Latin America with these prestigious blue flags. Just recently, some beaches were actually in danger of losing these designations.

pretty beach in baja

You may wonder what this symbol means and why it should be on your radar. Let’s take a look!

The Significance Of Blue Flags

Nobody wants to book a dreamy beach getaway only to show up and have it not be what you pictured.

There are definitely places like that where filtered Instagram pictures give the wrong impression. Fortunately for Los Cabos tourists, that is rarely the case.

Cabo knows how important it is to upkeep beaches to the highest standard. That’s why they are a leader in this category.

blue flag on beach hut

The blue flag symbolizes the highest level of safety and environmental conditions, so tourists can rest assured they are at one of the top beaches on the planet.

The award is not easy to receive and takes a lot of diligence to maintain as well. Even a hurricane washing trash along Cabo’s pristine coasts wasn’t a valid excuse.

As such, the designation was given a deadline to get back to the necessary requirements the blue flag symbol entails.

As of now, Cabo is proud to be the leader of the pack for blue beaches in all of Latin America. Just one more reason to make Cabo your next beach getaway.

pretty beach in los cabos

As if you needed another reason, right?

Mexico Is A Top Ten Blue Flag Beach Destination

In terms of blue flags, Mexico is among the best in the world. Of course, the list goes on for what makes Mexico such an awesome place to visit.

The country places 10th in the world for holding the most blue-flagged beaches. Mexico is home to 73 certified beaches in the most pristine condition possible.

Los Cabos is a big reason why, as 25 of those beaches are home to southern Baja’s top beach destination.

beachgoers in tulum

With over 5,000 beaches worldwide holding this honor, its impressive to see how much Los Cabos factors in.

How Travelers Can Help Keep Cabo’s Beaches Pristine

When Hurricane Hilary hit Los Cabos recently, no beach was spared. It sent heaps of garbage and random gunk across Los Cabos’ gorgeous shores.

For obvious reasons, that’s a damper for beachgoers who planned to spend the majority of their time at some of Cabo’s most beautiful sights.

plastic waste on beach

But here is the catch, and it is not all tourists’ fault:

The garbage comes from somewhere. Whether leftover from past tourists or locals not respecting their own community.

It does not just magically wash ashore. It’s important to treat the beaches with respect so they can remain a top destination for not only yourself but everyone who loves coming here.

When vacationing here with your toes in the sand, remember the ‘pack it in, pack it out’ rule, just as if you were camping in a National Park.

What Do The Other Colored Flags Mean?

red flag posted on a beach

We know what blue flags symbolize by now, but what about the other colors used in the system?

The other colors used signify beach safety, rather than symbolizing how clean, safe, and environmentally friendly the beach is.

These are the colors Cabo beachgoers should know:

  • White: jellyfish have been spotted
  • Green: safe for swimming
  • Yellow: be cautious about swimming
  • Red: danger is present; no swimming allowed
  • Black: the beach is closed for all purposes

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