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Los Cabos Costs Increase Despite Global Trend Of Lower Prices This Winter 

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According to an article by BNN Bloomberg, the prices of Los Cabos this winter keep increasing despite the world trend seeing prices dropping down compared to the same period in 2022. 

Patrick Scholes, the managing director for lodging and leisure equity research at Truist Securities, a capital market company based in Atlanta, said that all over the U.S., hotel rooms are now cheaper compared to 2022. 

Aerial view of cabo san lucas

Despite this, prices all over the world seem to be still higher compared to pre-pandemic rates. 

Scholes affirms: “Room rates have rebounded a bit from the 2022 holiday season—when they rose 50% from pre-pandemic levels—but they are still up considerably from 2019 in many places.”

However, this trend doesn’t seem to affect Los Cabos. According to Virtuoso, a network featuring over 20,000 luxury travel advisers, prices in this municipality are still extremely high. 

Misty Belles, vice president of global PR at Virtuoso, said: “Cabo San Lucas is commanding hotel rates up to 49% over 2022.” 

A view of Princess Cruises' ship and mountain range on the horizon as seen from Riu Palace Hotel.

The world trend

In several areas in the world, in particular in the U.S., prices are decreasing compared to 2022. 

Data was collected from the Consumer Price Index released in September by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to experts, this is due to several reasons. One of these is the fact that this year, both Christmas and New Year’s Eve will fall on a Monday. 

This happens roughly once every seven years, and it’s not good news for the travel sector. 

Resort in Cabo San Lucas

Talking about this phenomenon, Paul Tumpowsky, Chief Executive Officer of Skylark, a travel agency in New York, said: “When this happens, it pushes the holiday into a very short window because it’s not clear when the second week of Christmas vacation should be.”

Experts believe that the best period to book a winter holiday will be in the following weeks, and prices will increase again in the second week of October as well as late November and early December. 

But what about Los Cabos?

Unfortunately, Los Cabos’ prices keep increasing

Villas in Los Cabos, Mexico

As we mentioned earlier, those hoping to book a holiday in Los Cabos should do so as soon as possible, as prices are rising day after day. 

The most expensive seasons in Los Cabos are the winter and spring, so travelers are advised to book immediately if they want to get the best deals. 

According to Belles, this municipality, together with Costa Rica, Europe, Thailand, and the Caribbean, is set to be the hottest destination in the world this winter. 

Predictions estimate that by the end of the year, Los Cabos would have welcomed over 500,000 more tourists than in 2022. 

How to save money

Los cabos beach with cruise ship in background

Travelers wanting to visit this little paradise but worrying that prices may get too expensive have a few options to save money on their trip.

For instance, avoiding all-inclusive resorts and opting for alternative stays. 

Of course, these properties can make the whole difference on your vacation, but let’s be honest; they are one of the main expenses for travelers. 

Valid alternatives include standard hotels or Airbnbs. 

Tourists in Los Cabos shopping area

If you want to get an all-inclusive experience while saving some money, you can consider the idea of booking a hotel providing this service rather than an all-inclusive resort. 

These tend to have cheaper prices while still offering high-standard services. 

Another great idea is to try to visit during weekdays. These tend to be way cheaper than the weekend and may help you save a few extra bucks.

Last but not least, people should keep in mind the seasonal fluctuation in prices. 

Beautiful View of Los Cabos Beach and Resorts

The best time to book a holiday in Los Cabos is surely during autumn. 

The months going from September to early December are part of the low season and are ideal for those who want to avoid prohibitive prices while getting an authentic experience, as there will be way fewer tourists around in this period.

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