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Los Cabos Authorities Implement New Security Operation To Keep Tourists Safe This Spring

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Although Los Cabos is widely deemed safe for tourists, you can never be too safe. As one of the premiere vacation destinations in Mexico, there is a strong reputation to uphold.

Yes, the main draws to Cabo are the incredible beaches, world-class resorts, and fun excursions for all ages.

But there is one time of year when the crowds go bonkers!

scenic view of coast and mountains in los cabos

Spring Break is looming and Los Cabos authorities are taking all necessary precautions, even implementing new security operations to better protect tourists.

As vacationers of all ages plan to enjoy a well-deserved break, they can relax even more knowing they are safe in one of the most sought-after vacation spots this spring.

An Influx Of Spring Breakers Coming In Hot!

The calendar has flipped over to March, but that won’t stop travelers from seeking out sunny getaways. What better place than Cabo to do just that?

waves in Los Cabos

Even with sky-high prices right now, that’s not stopping travelers from flocking to the southernmost tip of the gorgeous Baja peninsula.

Los Cabos is a hotspot not only for the spring season as a whole, but for Spring Breakers, particularly of college age, ready to let loose!

Cabo does many things right or else it wouldn’t be so popular, but there’s never a doubt this lavish vacation destination knows how to party.

With an expected influx of 40,000 students hitting the beaches, bars, and clubs, it’s within reason to think some shenanigans will take place at the very least.

tourists in cabo resort pool on spring break

When drinks are flowing and the music is thumping, sometimes these situations can get out of control at the drop of a bright neon Cabo-embroidered hat.

The good news is if this does happen, and it certainly will at one point or another, Los Cabos authorities are prepared with new security measures.

New Security Operations Underway Downtown

Tourists tend to scatter all across both sides of Los Cabos and nowadays commonly take day trips into charming small towns and other hidden gems nestled away from the action.

police outside los cabos resort

The temptation may be tenfold this month with thousands upon thousands of neon shirt wearing, beer pong playing, fist pumping college kids make their way to Cabo.

Should you brave the insanity, Los Cabos forces are honing in on downtown Cabo San Lucas. If history tells us anything, this is where hordes of tourists will gather all day and night.

This past weekend saw the first sample of Spring Break with just over 2,000 visitors who qualify as ‘Spring Breakers’. In other words, it wasn’t Granny escaping her weekly Bingo game to jet off to paradise.

Los Cabos officials have been avid in setting up surveillance points in the right locations. Downtown appears to be the main focus, followed by other popular areas, like Cabo’s gorgeous beaches.

bars in downtown cabo

Security forces have a tough challenge ahead as businesses are expected to generate at least 30 million dollars from Spring Break alone.

Streets, beaches, and resorts are expected to be jam-packed, but the goal is to keep tourists safe in an orderly fashion.

Prepared For The Worst, Hoping For The Best

Spring Break chaos isn’t limited to Los Cabos, but it’s easy to see why this region of Mexico is such a draw.

cabo police officer on beach

Knowing this, Los Cabos is preparing for worst-case scenarios but also hoping tourists have the time of their lives wanting to come back again and again.

Tourism is the driving force of Los Cabo, after all. The new security measures aren’t only being implemented in case of disorderly conduct per se; they are also being implemented to protect tourists’ health and well-being.

With packed beaches under a blaring sun, dehydration can become an issue. Should any health-related problems come up, ample ambulances will be available in popular areas frequented by tourists this spring.

ambulance in mexico beach destination

“We as Civil Protection are about 15 rotating elements daily, there are logistics units and ambulances to provide medical service in case it is required, being coordinated with private ambulances as well.”

Leticia Rivera Leggs, Municipal Director of Civil Protection in Los Cabos.

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