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Los Cabos Authorities Adding Road Checkpoints To Keep Tourists Safe

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Report after report keeps ranking Los Cabos as one of the safest municipalities in Mexico.

However, this area is unfortunately dealing with a huge mobility problem, causing frequent car crashes. 

View from a boat in the bay of the marina, port town and hills of the Mexican resort town of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Most Los Cabos roads need better maintenance, congestions are frequent, sometimes delaying tourists rushing to get their flight, and reckless drivers are common. 

This is why the local government recently decided to implement new measures to increase road safety. 

In recent days, it was announced that more road checkpoints would be added in Los Cabos to keep tourists and locals alike safe. 

More checkpoints

Traffic cop checking the traffic in mexico

The Los Cabos General Directorate of Public Security, Preventive Police, and Municipal Traffic recently declared that to prevent car crashes and increase safety; more patrols will be added on the local street with the aim of checking whether people are driving their vehicles under the influence of alcohol or other illicit substances.

According to local news, road checkpoints will be strategically placed in the busiest streets in the municipality, both in San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. 

Those driving under the influence of alcohol will have to pay a fine going from $5,428 pesos to $32,571 pesos (from $300 to $1,900, depending on the amount of alcohol they had).

Police car with sirens

Apart from the extra patrols, local authorities reminded all drivers to respect speed limits and be alert in towns and cities where pedestrians are present. 

Are Los Cabos roads safe?

Considering the decision to add more road patrols on Los Cabos streets, visitors heading here soon may be wondering whether the local roads are safe for drivers. 

Unfortunately, in recent years, this municipality had to deal with lots of problems concerning mobility. 

Police officer in Mexico

First and foremost, streets need more maintenance, with plenty of locals reporting gigantic potholes. The Los Cabos government is now trying to solve this issue by investing money in maintenance works to improve road conditions. 

Apart from this, traffic remains a huge issue. Last year, some visitors risked missing their flight back home due to congestion. Travelers are advised to plan their trip to the airport well in advance, especially if heading to Los Cabos during busy months, such as the upcoming spring break season. 

Downtown area of Cabo San Lucas seen from the sea. Mountains in the background and buildings on the front on a sunny day

Last but not least, reckless drivers are unfortunately common in Los Cabos. Plenty of people simply do not respect speed limits, causing daily accidents.

The local government tried to address this issue, for instance, by decreasing speed limits on the busy Transpeninsular Highway from 90km/h to 60 km/h. Despite this, more needs to be done. 

Hopefully, the recent decision to increase road patrols will have a positive impact. 

Taxi disputes

Taxi in Mexico

Another important issue to discuss concerns the recent protests organized by taxi and tourist transfer providers. In the last few days, both groups held demonstrations to protest against those providing illegal services in the municipality and local inspectors allegedly ‘abusing their powers’.

Commenting on the issue, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Economy (SETUE) of Baja California Sur, Fernando Ojeda, declared that the protests do not have serious repercussions on tourists heading to Los Cabos. However, this does not seem to be the case. 

In the most recent demonstration, taxi drivers blocked a bus carrying tourists from the famous Riu Hotel to the local airport. 

Taxi Drivers Union Taxis

According to local news, visitors’ suitcases were then moved by taxi drivers on their vehicles and transported, along with their owners, to the airport. 

This, unfortunately, meant that tourists had to pay both for their bus ticket, despite the bus never leaving the hotel, and their taxi ride. 

One of the people on the bus who was affected by this issue commented: “The truck is all loaded and they don’t let anyone out there. Nobody enters, and nobody leaves. What is the client’s fault for this situation, then? All because of the taxi drivers!” 

Marina and downtown Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Hopefully, the Los Cabos government will soon address all these mobility issues so that visitors will no longer be affected by them.

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KC Mills

Thursday 29th of February 2024

Besides fixing the numerous potholes the the state needs to build a road from Cerro colorado to the toll road to alleviate airport traffic from the greater San Jose area. Another issue is they put up so many conflicting speed signs on the 4-lane highwat literally just meters away from each other. With all he tourist money these projects need to be done now.