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Los Cabos Among Top International Destinations Americans Plan To Visit Right Now

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The busy travel season is starting and according to a new report from travel insurance provider Allianz Partners shows that Los Cabos is a big winner for travelers booking their travel right now.

Destination Los Cabos

Allianz Partners reviewed more than 800,000 travel itineraries booked through the end of November and found that Los Cabos was a destination coming up in many of the travel plans.

A resort and pool in Los Cabos.

In fact, among those booking upcoming travel for the month, Los Cabos was the second most popular destination for Americans looking to book their autumn holiday vacation getaways.

Mexico dominated the first three slots in the international travel category with Cancun placing first, Los Cabos came in second, followed by Puerto Vallarta.

This has been the trend among American travelers booking travel during this seasonal time of year going as far back as 2020, according to the report.

Two travelers lounging by a beachside pool

Round trip flights departing Saturday, November 18 to Tuesday, November 23 and returning to the United States Friday, November 24 to Tuesday, November 28 were reviewed for the survey.

Warm and Sunny Forecast

For the most part, tourists booked travel to warm and sunny locations as the fall and winter holidays approached.

Traditionally decorated street in Los Cabos

The report mentioned that other locations like Aruba, Jamaica, the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos followed the three Mexican resort destinations in the survey.

Also making the list were London and Paris, but they are typically a little chillier and gloomier than sunny Los Cabos this time of year.

Visitors Already Flocking to Los Cabos

Airplanes Outside of Los Cabos International Airport in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

The trend of tourists coming to Los Cabos has actually started early, with a big pick up in hotel reservations and room rates hitting the market as early as late September.

Several of the full-service, all-inclusive resorts have room rates for the peak fall and winter travel season starting this month in the range of $500 to $600 per night.

Even at what most travelers would consider high prices for a Mexican beach resort destination, hotel occupancies for this month are already trending high.

Beautiful festive street at night in Los Cabos

In fact, Los Cabos hotel officials have even noted that their reservations were ahead of the prior year, with some travelers even already making reservations as far out as Spring Break 2024.

The trend of earlier booking and the stronger traveler demand for the month of November has resorts and hotels looking forward to a positive end of the year and a bright start to 2024.

Despite all of the advance reservations, they are still cautiously optimistic with an economic slowdown and geopolitical tensions around the world starting to influence travel patterns.

Beachside Resort in Los Cabos

Tips For Los Cabos Travelers

Travelers booking travel to Los Cabos for this month need to be prepared for the potential for higher room rates and limited availability for the most popular resorts and hotels in the area.

However, there is still a wide selection available for those who make their reservations for later in the month as soon as possible.

Several of the airlines still have affordable flights to Los Cabos available. However, fliers may have to be more flexible with flight times and connections to get the best pricing.

People In Line To Get Past An Airport Checkpoint

Travelers should make their reservations as soon as possible to at least get lower airfares due to the 14-day rule. Remember, reservations in the United States can be canceled within 24 hours of booking for a full non-penalty refund.

A special reminder: while travelers are heading to Los Cabos to enjoy a beach resort destination with warm weather, the chance of a winter storm travel disruption of November travel is a real reality.

Travelers should consider getting travel insurance that covers flight disruptions and delays. The weather may not only impact the departure flight arrangements to Los Cabos, but it could also impact, or even delay, the return flight.

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