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Los Cabos Among Americans’ Top Winter Destinations According To TripAdvisor

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Throughout 2023, Los Cabos has seen higher tourism rates than ever, with the last few months being no exception. 

Although there has been an increase in high winds and rains due to hurricane season in the last few months, tourism has continued to remain high with high hotel occupancy rates and elevated prices. 

As Los Cabos’ popularity has soared, it has garnered attention from multiple travel news outlets and received various awards. 

View of cabo san lucas bay

The winter holiday season is coming up, and with it comes a high season in Los Cabos as many people are trying to plan their holiday vacation with their loved ones somewhere warm. 

As Los Cabos has many fall and winter holiday activities for tourists to enjoy, the trending Baja California Sur destination is perfect for a holiday getaway. 

With its growing popularity evident in tourism numbers, the vacation hotspot is clearly a favored destination and a new report from TripAdvisor confirmed that it’s a top traveler pick for a winter vacation in 2023. 

people celebrating christmas in mexico

TripAdvisor’s New Findings About Los Cabos 

TripAdvisor recently released its Winter Travel Index which is a study that details how many Americans will be going on vacation this winter and where they’re planning on going. 

The study found that 63% of millennials and 68% of Gen Z travelers reported that they’re planning on going on a trip this weekend, for various reasons including winter festivals, sports tournaments, school breaks, holidays, local festivities, and more. 

TripAdvisor conducted a similar study last year in which 59% of participants reported that they would be going on a winter vacation. 

los cabos beach with rock arches

According to TripAdvisor’s study, Mexico, as well as the Caribbean, is one of the top international destinations for Americans due to the warm weather and easy accessibility. 

Within the report, TripAdvisor listed the best times to go on vacation to trending winter destinations and advised travelers to visit Cabo San Lucas from December 4 through 10 to avoid heavy crowds and higher prices for the holiday season. 

The study’s findings also included information on what tourists plan on doing while on their winter vacations: 33% of Americans have made reservations for outdoor activities, 30% have booked food or wine tours, and 29% are planning on going shopping. 

Mexican Christmas ornaments los cabos

The findings in TripAdvisor’s recent study also detailed that travel predictions for 2024 are positive, as 77% of Americans say that they are planning to travel in the next year. 

Other than the holiday season, the study’s findings led TripAdvisor to predict that the Summer and Spring seasons, specifically the months of June to July and March and May will be peak travel times for tourists. 

New Year's in Los Cabos with fireworks in the background and a distant view of the city.

What to do in Los Cabos in the Winter 

As the winter season is one of the most popular travel seasons in Los Cabos, there is plenty to do during your holiday getaway. 

Because the hurricane season is typically over after the fall months, the weather is perfectly sunny and free of rain or wind, allowing the beaches to remain open for tourists and locals. 

Without having to worry about the weather, you can book various ocean-based activities like kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins or sea lions, whale watching, seeing coral reefs, and more. 

whale tail in ocean in los cabos

The winter time is peak animal season in Los Cabos, so the winter months are the best time to see sea lions, whales, dolphins, turtles, and other animals or marine life. 

You can also explore areas beyond Los Cabos and visit nearby cities like La Paz or nearby islands like Isla Espiritu Santo. 

Because the weather will be stable and sunny, you can also pursue other popular outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing, horseback riding, fishing, swimming in hot springs, camel riding, and more. 

two people riding camels on the beach

You can even get into the winter holiday spirit and celebrate Christmas or New Year’s in Los Cabos by joining in local festivities or festivities at your hotel. 

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