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Radar Speed Detectors Lead To Delays Of Tourists On Main Los Cabos Highway

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A marked increase in travel accidents on the transpeninsular highway has led to a crackdown on speed and other traffic violations by state and municipal law enforcement officials in Los Cabos.

To help with the enforcement, the police have installed radar speed detectors on the highway, which require regular maintenance and upkeep.

Recently, the upkeep of the speed monitoring devices installed to keep Los Cabos tourists and locals safe has resulted in further delays on the main highway connecting the towns of Los Cabos with the airport.

highway in cabo

Speed Sensor Traffic Jams

Traffic jams have been resulting in delays for cars heading in the direction from San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas lately as maintenance of the traffic radar speed detectors has resulted in lane restrictions.

In order to make the necessary repairs on the roadway safety technology, Mexican National Guard were dispatched to the transpeninsular highway to reduce the traffic flowing south towards Cabo San Lucas down to one single lane.


Tourists heading from the Los Cabos International Airport towards Cabo San Lucas are caught up in the single-lane traffic jams resulting in frustrated travelers heading towards the beach resort destination.

It was not exactly the first impression that local resorts and hotels want for their guests on their vacation getaway at the start of the peak fall and winter holiday travel season.

Making the roadway even more challenging is the number of vehicles that are simply ignoring the traffic restrictions on the highway, only to further delay the traffic when they are stopped by law enforcement to issue a fine.

Radar warning on highway

Road Infrastructure Issues

As Los Cabos expands in popularity, with a record number of travelers to the beach resort destination expected this year, the infrastructure has been challenged to keep up with the needs of tourists.

This is especially the case with the local roadway system.

National Guard

With the increase in prices on the airport toll road, more rideshare drivers and taxis are choosing to reduce costs by transporting travelers on the non-toll transpeninsular highway. This has led to more traffic on the roadway.

The deterioration of the area roads due to the recent tropical weather has also taken its toll on the roadway. This has led to emergency pothole operations by local public works officials to improve both the drivability and safety of the road for visitors.

The maintenance needed for the radar speed monitoring system, which leads to delays for tourists on the transpeninsular highway, is another example of how the roadway infrastructure is challenged to keep travelers safe on their vacation getaway to Los Cabos.

Closed toll booth near Los Cabos causing traffic jams

What Travelers Can Expect

Tourists visiting Los Cabos should expect continued delays when using the transpeninsular highway as ongoing repairs are being made to keep the roadway safe and comfortable for travelers to the area.

They should anticipate trips to take longer than expected, especially when heading from the Los Cabos International Airport to Cabo San Lucas through San Jose del Cabo.

Taxis Near Bus Station

Alternatively, travelers can request that the rideshare or taxi driver use the Los Cabos toll road to get around the region. While it may save some time in avoiding the traffic, it potentially may result in higher fares for tourists getting around the area.

Drivers may be reluctant to pay the extra toll cost for transporting customers on the toll road. Potentially, they may request that tourists pay the tolls themselves for selecting that road option. It may be worth it if time is an issue for catching a flight from the airport, for example.

Visitors to the beach resort destination of Los Cabos will have to weigh the difference in time savings vs cost and discuss traffic options with rideshare and taxi drivers in advance of getting into the vehicle.

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