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Local Authorities Recommend Tourists Avoid Los Cabos Street Food Right Now

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As a luxury vacation destination, Los Cabos is known for its incredible dining options. 

From Michelin Star restaurants to casual beach eats, the Baja California Sur is the perfect destination for all foodies regardless of their budget. 

The Los Cabos cuisine has options for everyone, no matter their dietary restrictions or preferences (vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian, etc.). Tourists visiting the BCS can enjoy a whole week or more of eating fresh pozole, tacos, tamales, and more dishes from the local cuisine. 

However, recently Mexican authorities have released a statement to the press warning locals and tourists to stay away from street food for the foreseeable future. 

Food Tour

As Los Cabos is in the middle of hurricane season, the heavy rain the BCS has gotten from Hurricane Hilary and Hurricane Jova has affected many aspects of life, including homes, transportation, as well as street vendors. 

Los Cabos Street food

In a statement made this past week, The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) has told the public that they shouldn’t consume street food in Los Cabos right now. 

The amount of rainfall Los Cabos has received could potentially cause an uptick in food poisoning cases for those who eat street food. 

man sitting next to food cart

The IMSS has explained that the weather conditions, specifically the heavy rains,  have affected the hygiene of the food prepared and served by Mexican street vendors. 

The unforeseen weather conditions have also affected the street vendors’ ability to preserve the food in a safe manner. 

The organization released this statement in an effort to stem the spread of gastrointestinal diseases in the local community, as well as domestic and international tourist communities. 

The weather in Los Cabos lately 

The projected hurricane season in Los Cabos has officially commenced, and it’s here to stay for the next few weeks. 

The recent bought of tropical storms and hurricanes has made Los Cabos locals and tourists have to change numerous elements of their lives in order to adjust to the new normal. 

stormy beach with cloudy skies

Both on land and sea, the storms have severely affected the day-to-day lives of Los Cabos travelers and residents in the past two months.

Causing the closures of various beaches, airports, and more, the heavy rains have had a profound effect on the lives of the individuals residing or vacationing in the Baja California Sur.

Hurricane Hilary, which hit a few weeks ago, caused the closure of multiple establishments and prevented tourist water-based activities from occurring, halting boat tours, swimming, and more. 

people on the beach los cabos

Just a few days ago, information was released concluding that Hurricane Jova has been determined to be Category 2 and has caused damage to local roads and establishments due to the rain showers and high winds. 

The extensive heavy rains and gusts of wind have also caused rough ocean waters, prohibiting locals and tourists from swimming or going to the beach. 

Tropical storm approaching the coast of a beach

Other food hygiene issues in Los Cabos

Unfortunately, this is not the first time local authorities have had to warn the public about the consumption of food in Los Cabos. 

Back in June, the State Commission for Protection Against Health Risks (COESPRIS) released a statement notifying the public that they would monitor street food vendors selling seafood more than usual this summer season. 

Seafood Dish

Checking to make sure that vendors maintain the necessary temperatures to preserve the fish as well as keep up with the hygiene practices needed to prevent food poisoning, the organization announced that it would crack down on any vendor who violated these conditions. 

Similarly, at the end of August, several Los Cabos restaurants and other food establishments were shut down by the State Commission for Protection Against Health Risks (COESPRIS). 

Tourists Dining at an Outdoor Restaurant in San Jose del Cabo

After visiting and inspecting eight Los Cabos restaurants, COESPRIS closed the institutions for failing to adhere to regulations regarding food refrigeration temperatures, cleaning, and other hygienic practices. 

The organization also urged the public to report food institutions that they felt should be closed for violating the rules. 

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