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Local Authorities Issue Advisory For Los Cabos Tourists Enjoying Outdoor Adventures This Summer

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It’s about to get hot in Los Cabos. During the months of June, July and August, the mercury will be approaching 100 degrees each day with daily average temperatures in the low to mid 90s.

However, this should not deter visitors from a great summer vacation in Los Cabos. The key is to have smart travel adventures, especially when outdoor activities are involved.

Summer in Los Cabos

Hiking on the rocky cliffs over the beach

Summer is actually a great time to visit Los Cabos. It is a slower time for tourism and plenty of travel deals for both flights and resort rooms.

That’s because it is just darn hot.

But, if you like the heat and are accustomed to it, it’s a great time to save some money on a vacation adventure to Los Cabos.

Children enjoying an underwater adventure

Summer in Los Cabos means less crowds as well. So, there are few demands on great summertime amenities and adventures such as scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, laying out at the beach, hiking and sportfishing.

The key to success with these outdoor adventures is to prepare ahead and be aware of the risks from the summer sun in Los Cabos.

Summer Outdoor Travel Advisory

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People snorkeling at a rocky beach

As the summer travel season kicks off, Los Cabos municipal officials, tourism officers and the local police and fire departments came together to issue an advisory to help tourists remain safe in the hot summer sun.

The first point stressed in the advisory is travelers should always conduct outdoor adventures during the hot summer season with a buddy. Should something happen to one of the adventurers, the other can go get emergency responder assistance.

That would include activities such as hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking and even snorkeling and scuba diving.

Cabo Snorkeling

There have been a number of incidents recently where travelers were injured during an outdoor adventure and thanks to a buddy, they have recovered from their injuries. If they were without a fellow adventurer, the results could have been much worse.

Adventure Hiking and Biking

Visitors to Los Cabos should also plan to bring enough food and water for them if going to a more rural location for their adventure. Hikers, rock climbers, four-wheelers and mountain bikers should carry several liters of water with them depending on the length of the excursion.

Man on an ATV in the Desert in Cabo San Lucas

Tourists should also be sure to alert someone before they leave, informing them about the destination, trail to be taken, estimated time of departure and estimated time of arrival.

In the event the visitor does not arrive on schedule, the emergency contact can then alert search and rescue first responders to provide aid for the missing tourist.

Be Alert Outdoors

Bad tropical rainstorm

Los Cabos is a desert environment that is subject to heavy rainstorms during the hot summer months. Inches of rain can fall in just minutes in the desert, causing dangerous flash flooding.

First of all, turn around. Don’t drown. If a stream seems too strong for hiking, four-wheeling or mountain biking. Don’t attempt to cross the water. A tourist could be knocked down and swept away in a strong stream in just minutes.

Dry canyons can also turn into dangerous rushing water streams during a heavy rain. Avoid slot canyons when rain is predicted. Find out the weather in advance to make sure plans are in place if rain is predicted.

Zorra Canyon area Los Cabos

Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion Signs

Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause dangerous heat exhaustion and heat stroke conditions in those not accustomed to hot desert weather.

Be sure to watch for red skin and hot body temperatures with lack of sweating. The body cools itself by sweating and when sweating is not happening, the body can’t cool itself properly.

Ambulance parked outside Mexican hospital

Find immediate care from Los Cabos first responders if a visitor starts vomiting, becoming confused or suffers other heat related impacts in the hot summer sun.

Being educated about the hot Los Cabos summer in advance can ensure that all guests have an enjoyable and safe vacation in the beach resort destination.

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