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Here’s What Your Los Cabos All Inclusive Might Not Actually Include

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Many Cabo hotels are opting to offer an all-inclusive model to guests. Even hotel brands that don’t usually offer all-inclusive deals in other cities have started to do so in Los Cabos.

That can certainly be great news for travelers, especially when you take into account the high-end restaurants on-site that you could potentially dine at with everything having been paid for in advance with the nightly fee.

massage table by the beach

The rise of the all-inclusive model at Cabo hotels is one of the main reasons why an average nightly rate at a Cabo hotel currently sits at a bit over 450 dollars a night.

That rate, while high, gives guests access to food, drinks, and other amenities. There are still things though, that are usually not going to be included in the “all-inclusive” package.

Here are some of the popular amenities or activities that you may have to pay extra for or potentially pay in full, even if you’re staying at an all-inclusive. 

Tourists in a Beautiful Resort Pool in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Most of The Spa & Wellness Activities At The Resort

Many of the all-inclusive resorts in Cabo also offer a full-service spa.

There are certain “wellness” activities within the resort that are going to be included with your nightly fee.

This is usually the case for daily yoga or any classes and activities that are taking place by the pool area. Those are typically going to be “free”.

If you want a massage at the spa, though, that’s going to come at an extra cost.

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Tourists doing yoga on beach

Premium Wine & Drinks

This is one of the issues that tourists face which can make them truly regret booking a room at a particular all-inclusive resort.

In many of the resorts, you do have access to unlimited drinks, but they are typically lower-quality options such as your local beers and less expensive wines and spirits.

Before booking any all-inclusive package, it’s a good idea to check with the hotel to see what’s actually included in the drinks department. 

Table with wine glasses overlooking a large plain

The Full Menu At Restaurants Within The Resort 

Another situation that’s similar to the drinks one that was just described goes on at some of the higher-end restaurants within the resorts.

This may be less common than the beer situation, but you may still want to ask what’s truly included with your dinner reservation.

At times what these restaurants will do is have a limited menu that’s fully included. If you want to order anything à la carte, that could come at an extra cost. 

food at an all inclusive buffet

Any Type of Tour Outside The Resort 

Many resorts in Cabo are looking to expand their offerings when it comes to experiences outside the resort. From things like boat tours to hiking experiences, different hotels are looking to provide unique experiences for their guests.

While some of these experiences can certainly be worthwhile, for the most part, they are all charged at an extra fee, even if you’ve paid your nightly rate. 

American Tourists On Boat

How Hotels Want To Ease The Burden A Bit

The best way to get some of these extra activities included within your regular rate is to be part of the hotel’s rewards program.

Hotels typically bundle up some of the previously mentioned experiences in the nightly rate of guests who are also part of their rewards program.

Another incentive that hotels have been known to apply is discounts on some of these extra services. 


The Paradisus Hotel by Melia in Cabo, for example, has a whole list of coupons that it provides to guests upon arrival.

If you have that coupon, you may be more inclined to book the experience throughout your stay, thanks to that incentive. 

Couple Vacationing at a Beautiful Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico

There’s no doubt that many of these extra activities can be fully worth it for travelers.

If you arrive here ready and willing to pay a little extra to enhance your stay, there’s a chance you’ll see things with a more positive attitude.

Just keep in mind before you book that not everything there is to do at a resort may be included in the “all-inclusive” deal you were sold.

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