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Hurricane Analysts Predict 22 Named Storms Near Los Cabos This Year

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For fans of the popstar Taylor Swift, the number 22 may be a good thing as the title of one of her well-known songs.

Swifties aside, for tourists to Los Cabos this year, that number will not be as popular as it is the number of named tropical storms being predicted for the ocean surrounding the Mexican beach resort vacation getaway hotspot this year.

Season Just a Month Away

Tropical storm impacting a beach

May 15 is the official start of the tropical storm season in Los Cabos and according to Florida International University hurricane season predictions for this year, it will be a busy one.

They are calling for a total of 43 storms this year, with 22 of those expected to occur in the Pacific Ocean.

According to the officials at Colorado State University, the storm prediction is one of the highest ever with a record number of named storms predicted.

Hurricane hitting island jetty

The local officials at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) also agree that it will be a busy season for hurricanes.

According to UNAM researchers, the effects of higher temperatures due to global warming and a busy El Niño weather pattern indicate that tourists traveling to Los Cabos on a vacation getaway need to be prepared for a more active hurricane season.

Early Start to the Season?

Beach Equipment Damaged In Hurricane

Another point researchers uncovered when reviewing the potential number of storms in the Pacific Ocean this year was that the season is expected to have a very early start.

They believe that the very first named storm of the season this year, Aletta, could form very early in the season, potentially in early May this year.

It could even be a couple of weeks away, even before the official start of the season on May 15.

Hotel damage after a hurricane

Los Cabos Prepares

Los Cabos public safety officials, along with resort and hotel management, have been planning for the upcoming season for several weeks now.

Hurricane plans have been reviewed and revised and equipment to protect travelers has been restocked and verified.

Hurricane destruction in Cabo San Lucas

Additionally, engineers inspected buildings used to house tourists on vacation getaways to ensure they were structurally sound and prepared to handle the brunt of a potentially strong hurricane striking Los Cabos.

Hotels have also reviewed their tourist policies regarding the storms and updated them where needed. Here is the policy from the Hard Rock Hotel in Los Cabos.

Even with the extensive preparations made by tourism businesses in Los Cabos, visitors to the beach resort destination can take several steps to ensure they are ready for hurricane season next month.

Tropical weather system impacting a beach

Steps Tourists Should Take

The most important step travelers should take when traveling to Los Cabos during the summer hurricane season is to have a plan in place.

A tourist should determine one person back home who will be the point of emergency contact in the event of a hurricane during their vacation getaway.

Rain From a Storm in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

They can relay information to that one contact who can they keep other friends, family and co-workers informed of the situation.

Also, visitors to Los Cabos should have a plan B in place for their travels during hurricane season. How far in advance should they anticipate changing or canceling travel plans? What is the plan for pre-hurricane departures?

Finally, travelers should seriously consider getting travel insurance, which includes contingency travel coverage for tropical storms and hurricanes as part of any travel plans during hurricane season.

Having a plan in place when heading to Los Cabos for a vacation getaway during hurricane season can definitely provide peace of mind to enjoy a getaway to one of the beach resort destination hotspots in Mexico.

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