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How To Save As The Average Los Cabos Traveler Spends Over $3,000 Per Trip

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Los Cabos is renowned worldwide for its state-of-the-art amenities and luxurious resorts.

Not by chance, this destination consistently ranks among the top luxurious locations in Mexico. But, with amazing facilities also comes high prices. 

According to a recent interview with Rodrigo Esponda, the Director of the Los Cabos Tourism Trust (FIUTARCA), the average tourist now spends roughly 55,000 Mexican pesos per visit. This is equal to over $3,000 per trip! 

Sunny Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico View from Water

Rodrigo Esponda preceded by saying that, as of today, a room in Los Cabos costs an average of $500 per night. This is roughly $170 more compared to prices in 2019, before the pandemic. 

There is no way around it. Los Cabos is expensive and people heading here should budget accordingly. But there are a few tips and tricks travelers can use to save some bucks.

Reconsider when you’re visiting

Los Cabos' Arch on a sunny day with calm sea

Prices in Los Cabos are always high, but during high season they experience drastic increases. The truth is that even though most people tend to visit this place in the winter, heading to Los Cabos during the other months of the year has plenty of advantages. 

Apart from the lower prices, visitors will find fewer tourists, allowing them to enjoy a day at the beach or a trip to the famous El Arco, without massive crowds of travelers all around them. 

On top of this, most of Los Cabos’ popular activities can be enjoyed all year long. For instance, surfers can master their technique every month of the year.

w of boats, buildings and mountains at Igy Marinas in Los Cabos in beautiful day.

They will simply have to choose the Sea of Cortez rather than the Pacific Ocean from the months going from May to October. 

Outdoor activities such as hiking can be enjoyed in the spring as well as the fall seasons when temperatures are still not too suffocating. 

Last but not least, even though whales and whale sharks tend to arrive in Los Cabos and stay there for the winter months, this doesn’t mean tourists can not spot local animals during the remaining seasons. 

Panoramic View of the Cabo San Lucas Area in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Cabo Pulmo National Park brims with aquatic life all year round and San José Estuary and Bird Sanctuary is always open to the public. 

Identify huge expenses and cut them down

When organizing their trip, tourists should figure out what their main costs are and find ways to cut them down. 

Typically, the higher expenses when booking a trip to Los Cabos are accommodation, flights, and activities costs. So, how can visitors cut these down?  

Luxury Cabo Home

When it comes to booking their accommodation, visitors should avoid all-inclusive resorts and opt for alternatives, such as Airbnb. These can be extremely affordable, with plenty of options that will cost less than $50 per night. 

Concerning flights, travelers should prioritize Mexican airlines and direct connections. Lastly, tourists can also save money on activities. For instance, by trying to spot whales from the shore or opting for low-cost experiences such as hiking and sunbathing. 

Make use of special sales and deals

Plenty of airlines and resorts are constantly offering discount packages to people traveling to Los Cabos. 

JetBlue plain in an airport

To give you an example, JetBlue is now offering its clients bonuses of up to $300! The discount is available to whoever spends over $6,000 through the JetBlue Vacations website. 

This may seem a lot, but considering you can book your airline, accommodation, as well as other services through it, a total of $6,000 is not that much, especially for a group of friends traveling together. 

Final tips

Here are a few extra tips to save some bucks on your Los Cabos trip. Try to avoid private transfers and opt for public transportation or a nice walk whenever possible. 

view of bay in cabo san lucas

Get an apartment with a kitchen to avoid eating outside every day and spending 100 dollars for your meals. Street vendors are another affordable choice, giving you the chance to try local food. 

Lastly, book your holidays during weekdays rather than weekends. Most people tend to book flights and accommodations on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, meaning prices tend to be inflated on those days.  

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